The 5 top bad Disney movies all share the ability to provoke you and therefore should be avoided like the plague. On the other hand, if you are a masochist and enjoying mistreating yourself, by all means—watch away.

  1. "Tarzan." This 1999 Disney movie takes the ignominious spot as the top bad Disney movie of all time. The reason, you may ask? Why, it has to do with a certain comedienne named Rosie O'Donnell providing the voice of one of the apes in this film, and her character is really irritating. In addition, there is nothing but generic song after generic song from that Genesis drop-out Phil Collins, which is a formula for a mindless Disney movie that tries to recapture the magic of earlier Disney films. But fails.

  2. "Jungle 2 Jungle." Does anyone remember "Jungle 2 Jungle?" If you don't, then consider yourself lucky because it is one of the worst Disney movies in the company's history. The movie stars Tim Allen, who was really funny and enjoyable, even, in "Home Improvement," but in this stinker, he's awful, just like the rest of the movie. Maybe the badness in this poorly thought-out Disney film has to do with the plot: A loincloth-wearing kid looks for Tim Allen (his father) in the big city. C'mon, now!

  3. "James and the Giant Peach." This Disney movie was based on the beloved Roald Dahl book and had potential. Yet, its execution is a big, giant question mark. The use of clay animation for the characters gives this movie a slightly creepy and surreal look that may likely scare little impressionable children. Since little, impressionable children were the main target audience of this movie, that may have been a giant mistake.

  4. "The Hunchback of Notre Dame." Said to be the favorite animated Disney film of them all from the standpoint of former Disney boss Michael Eisner, this movie still gets the disreputable mark of being the fourth worst Disney movie. It snags this position because the subject matter simply does not lend itself well at all to a Disney film. First of all, the subject is rooted too deeply in classic, French literature—in other words, a great, big snoozefest when your target audience is kids! C'mon, Disney! Wake up...retroactively! 

  5. "Atlantis: The Lost Empire." Anyone else remember this bomb from 2001? Didn't think so. For anyone who does remember it (the one or two of you out there), it centers around a group of explorers who stumble guessed it...Atlantis. However, the execution is pitiful because for such an exciting-sounding plot line, this Disney movie manages to fall short of even a sliver of redeemability by combining elements of "Titan AE" and "Stargate: SG 1."