If you're looking for 10 great teen movies, here are a few entertaining flicks. You may want some horror movies, comedies or something just outright ridiculous. You'll get it all here.

  1. "Weird Science" - Two teenage guys with bras on their heads create a beautiful woman, Frankenstein style. They were hoping to sleep with her, but it becomes apparent that sleeping with her is a lot harder than they anticipated in this teen movie comedy.

  2. "Teen Wolf" - Michael J. Fox plays a teenager who transforms from a nerd who can't score a point in basketball into a werewolf and basketball champ. The family secret also attracts the apple of his eye who had some sort of canine fetish, or at least a taste for hairy athletes. This great teen movie was released the same year as Michael's other hit film, "Back to the Future".

  3. "The Breakfast Club" - A group of teens who never spoke to each other in school spend the day in Saturday detention together. This classic teen movie comedy is full of hilarious dialogs and teenage antics. 

  4. "Not Another Teen Movie" - If you want to see a funny spoof of the teenage movies of the 80's and 90's, then then this 2001 film is for you. A popular jock bets another jock that he can transform Janey, the ugliest girl in school, into the prom queen. Janey encounters much sabotage from other teens during the process.

  5. "Pump Up the Volume" - A nerdy teenage loner enjoys a secret identity as a charismatic and zan pirate radio host. His broadcasts become wildly popular with the local teenagers. This thoroughly entertaining teen movie ends with his arrest, during which his identity was revealed to all the students of Hubert Humphrey High.

  6. "Student Bodies" - A deranged killer murders teenagers with odd weapons such as pencil erasers and eggplants in this great teen movie spoof. "The Breather" also makes threatening calls to unsuspecting teens with rubber chicken disguising his voice. 

  7. "The Last American Virgin" - One of the great teen male rights of passage is losing your virginity. A group of teens search for a woman to make this passage with in this hilarious teen movie.

  8. "The Outsiders" - Based on a novel of the same name, this great teen movie outlines the rivalry of the greasers and socs of 1950's Oklahoma. Two greaser teens learn a few life lessons while running from the police after a deadly fight.

  9. "The Brady Bunch Movie" - This is not strictly a teen movie, but teens are a prominent theme in this 90's spoof of the popular Brady Bunch show from the 70's. The film explores the infusion of the Brady family into 1995 culture. You'll get some chuckles out of remakes of classic Brady Bunch scenes. 

  10. "Nightmare on Elm Street" - A child molester is burned alive by a mob of angry parents. He comes back, however, in the dreams of teenagers. When Freddie kills a teen in a dream, the death is real. If you want to see some great teen movies with lots of blood and silly catch phrases, then "Nightmare on Elm Street" and all its sequels are for you.