These 10 good movie for teens are entertaining but also carry a message that the teenager is ready to accept. These movies cannot dumb down the message because teens need to understand they are being spoken to and not spoken down to. These movies take the teenage life and explore it with intelligence and respect.

  1. “Easy A” – This 2010 movie takes the teen film and treats it will intelligence, making it a good movie for teens. Emma Stone stars as a girl who becomes popular after lying about losing her virginity to become famous. Once she starts to be ostracized, she has to find a way to make things right.

  2. “Adventureland”Jesse Eisenberg stars as a guy who graduates from college and realizes his literature degree won’t get him a job anywhere. In this good movie for teens, he begins working at an amusement park and realizes that the high expectations he set for himself may not be that realistic.

  3. “The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys” – Kieran Culkin stars in this movie, an interesting mixture between live-action and comic book styled animation by Todd McFarlane. The movie, directed by Jodie Foster, focuses on the boys who go to private Catholic school but live within their own imaginations in one of the good movies for teens.

  4. “Friday Night Lights” – Based on a novel, this sports film is one of the good movies for teens. The story focuses on real-lif high school football teams in south Texas and follows them through one full season. What makes this movie great is it is not a typical sport’s movie because it is not an underdog story.

  5. “The Karate Kid” – This inspirational sport’s flick remains one of the best good movies for teens. Ralph Macchio stars as a bullied kid who starts learning karate from a wise master named Mr. Miyagi. The final of the movie is still one of the greatest inspirational sport’s moments in cinema history.

  6. “Scott Pilgrim vs The World” – Michael Cera stars as a slacker who meets the girl of his dreams and then must defeat her seven evil exes to win her hand. This is one of the good movies for teens and co-stars great comic actors like Chris Evans, Brandon Routh and Kieran Culkin.

  7. “Saved” – “Saved” takes a look at religious zealots and questions whether a person can be good without also being sanctimonious, making it one of the good movies for teens. Jena Malone stars as a high school who gets pregnant when she loses her virginity and is looked down upon by her church group, including the leader played by Mandy Moore.

  8. “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist” – Michael Cera and Kat Dennings star in this smart comedy about an indie rocker and the girl he meets that changes his life. One of the good movies for teens, this movie also features a good soundtrack with songs by some of Indie rocks best bands.

  9. Napoleon Dynamite”Jon Heder stars as an oddball who goes through life in a perpetual daze. The movie is one of the good movies for teens and shows Napoleon as he sets out only caring for himself but soon, almost inadvertently, helps other people discover their own dreams.

  10. “Mean Girls”Tina Fey of “Saturday Night Live” wrote this movie, which contains Lindsay Lohan’s best performance. Lohan plays a home school student who enters the public school system for the first time and discovers the cliques that dominate high school life.