Everyone loves family movie night, so here's 10 clean family movies to make that happen. These are the great films that the whole clan can enjoy, yes, even the adults.

  1. ''A Bug's Life''. The story of a bug with consistent bad luck and is mistrusted by everyone. He eventually turns that all around and even overthrows a tyranny with help. A film with great morals and clean humor for everyone to enjoy.

  2. ''The Karate Kid''. Both the original and the remake are amazing films and it's hard to choose, so why not both? A great movie for kids who are interested in martial arts and a cheer up for the misunderstood.

  3. ''Up''. Arguably the best film of 2009, animated or not. It's hard to believe that a clean film without any vulgarity can be so touching and funny at the same time. Kids will love this film to death and parents can appreciate the art behind it more than anyone.

  4. ''Flubber''. It's no mystery that kids love Robin Williams, how could they not? Hopefully flubber will intrigue the children's creativity and scientific curiosity as well.

  5. ''The Lion King''. A true Disney classic and only those who live in a cave haven't heard of it yet. The lion king is just a two and a half hour piece of magic that understandably, everyone can enjoy. Just about as clean as any early Disney animated film too.

  6. ''Wizard of Oz''. A timeless piece of cinema and one that the older members of the family can probably remember fondly of. Just as magical now as when it came out so long ago, children will still be laughing, scared, and entertained throughout.

  7. ''Spy Kids". Adults love spies and kids love kid spies. For a film cashing in on the James Bond franchise, it's a little intriguing how clean this movie actually is. For all the fight scenes involved, they're surprisingly non-violent.

  8. ''The Land Before Time''. Children love anything with dinosaurs in it so there's very little doubt that they'll resist watching this movie. ''The Land Before Time'' combines both prehistoric creatures with family values and warmth for a clean, heartwarming movie that most just can't reach.

  9. ''Yogi Bear". A recent addition to the pool of clean selections, ''Yogi Bear'' takes a character that most parents probably remember fondly of and puts it in a new light that kids can enjoy and appreciate too.

  10. ''Honey, I Shrunk the Kids". Another clean flick that can appeal to your child's scientific side by offering over an hour of sci-fi goodness. This movie will leave the kids wondering for days if they could actually be shrunk down. No vulgarity or anger here, only clean fun and humor.