If you’re looking for a movie to satisfy the whole family, consult this list of 10 classic family movies. Each movie on this list is suitable for eyes of all ages and have very little suggestive content, if any.

  1. "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" You knew this one was coming. No one can resist Dick Van Dyke’s antics with the lady from the candy factory. And even though you might find the kidnapper a little creepy, your kids probably won’t even blink.

  2. "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" Some might argue that Johnny Depp butchered this Gene Wilder classic, but both variations are excellent classic family movies in their own right. This one also has to do with plenty of candy in a game of elimination that kids relate to immediately.

  3. "Mary Poppins" Most kids enjoy listening and watching Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke sing on screen and enter a world of fantasy and carousels. Admit it! You love it, too. That’s what makes it one of the best classic family movies.

  4. "Holes" Before Shia LaBoeuf fought alongside Transformers, he was wrongly accused of a crime and sent off to an illegal boys’ labor camp to dig holes. He ended up getting *this close* to the treasure when the camp owner got wise and made life hard for him and his friends.

  5. "The Music Man" If you and your family are musically inclined,“The Music Man” is a pretty obvious choice. Although the main man is a bit of a shyster, he is responsible for getting the town back on its feet in the entertainment department.

  6. "Ella Enchanted" Anne Hathaway reprises her role of accidental princess in “Ella Enchanted,” where she meets a beau with a British accent, falls in love and marries him. But the ride getting there gets bumpy on account of a curse on her life that makes her obey anyone who gives her an order.

  7. "Back to the Future" Michael J. Fox plays a spunky, likeable youngster who gets to look at how his life began, and how it will end, if he’s not careful.

  8. "Stuart Little" E.B. White’s children’s book is actually better as one of the best classic family movies. Stuart, a little white mouse, is adopted into a family with a little boy and a cat. Guess who becomes his enemy and thwarts Stuart’s attempts to stay in the house. That’s right – the cat. It’s predictable, but the kids will love it.

  9. "Beethoven" The world’s favorite Saint Bernard dog slobbers his way into viewers’ hearts when he escapes from the pet store and makes his way into a household with three children, a caring mother and an exasperated father. Plenty of drooling, pooping and damage ensue when the family keeps the dog. With plenty of “ew” and “ahhh” moments, you’ll love it just as much as your kids will.

  10. "Curly Sue" Jim Belushi is the adoptive father of Curly Sue, a girl with curly brown hair practically as long as she is tall. When a rich lawyer hits Sue with her car, she takes both of them home and lets them into her life. They nearly ruin her career, but she manages to make a family out of the bunch.