The 10 best summer family movies have plots that deal with family fun and a setting that emphasizes nice warm weather and sunshine. Summer family films provide light entertainment, not necessarily comedy, but light topics. The term "family" means the topics should be appropriate of all ages, including kids under five, but should be entertaining enough to keep adults interested in the action. It's a tough bill to fill, but this group of films does it well. 

  1. "Aladdin" This animated family movie tells a story that kids can relate to, while at the same time featuring the sass and back talk of Robin Williams as Genie. Other funny folks on board for the story include Frank Welker and Scott Weinger. The storyline tells of forbidden love between a commoner and a princess. 

  2. "Field of Dreams" A vintage group of the Boys of Summer are featured in this 1989 family classic. Summer is baseball season and this film features baseball, as well as a strong family message of believing in yourself and family members. It also has a bittersweet happy ending. Perfect for family discussions. 

  3. "The Princess Bride" This 1987 family movie has everything a good fairy tale should include: royalty and giants. The format is a nice family setting with grandpa telling a story to a young boy who doubts the veracity of the truth of the story. 

  4. "Freaky Friday" Jamie Curtis and Lindsey Lohan star in this story about a strange happening where mom and daughter switch bodies. Until a solution can be found, the two must deal with awkward situations. Kids will love the fact that a mom must handle youthful issues and parents will enjoy Curtis' antics as a teen. 

  5. "Alice in Wonderland" The animated feature, not the real live action film. The 1951 animated feature tells the classic story of a girl looking for adventure on a lazy afternoon. She meets up with the Mad Hatter, White Rabbit and a host of other interesting characters. Although other versions of this film classic have been released, this one is a charming summer family movie. 

  6. "Toy Story 3" It's summer in this film sequel and the toys are getting the shaft when their owner goes off to college. Andy, the toys' owner, mistakenly thinks his childhood toys are being stored in the attic, but the toys are instead donated to charity. The film follows the toys' plight as donations. Fun here for both parents and kids. 

  7. "Babe" This family movie about a pig was a hit the year it was released in 1995. It continues to be a family favorite, particularly in the summer months when farmers are at their peak of business tending crops and animals. While local and county fairs may not have the exact event that Babe the pig has mastered in this film, both parents and kids will enjoy Babe's special talent. 

  8. "Back to the Future" Follow Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd in this 1985 family film about a time traveling car. The zany film has fast action and a plot that even younger children can follow with ease. The action is family friendly and explores the consequences of time travel when Fox's character interferes with his parent's romance. 

  9. "The Little Mermaid" Even parents get into the singing spirit in this 1989 film that features such classic songs like "Under the Sea." More irreverent humor mixed with kids stuff to keep the parents interested in this modern Disney classic. 

  10. "Peter Pan" Another retelling of a classic book, Peter is as new to modern family audiences as he was in 1953 when the film was released. Pirates, a chomping alligator and a boy who can fly fill the screens with enjoyable action for summer family viewing.