Grab the kids and have a movie marathon with the 10 best old Walt Disney movies. Walt Disney is one of the leaders of children’s movies. These are classic movies from Disney that were made popular before computer animation took over.

  1. “Fantasia” Walt Disney’s iconic film is a series of animated shorts set to music. It’s a great movie that changed the face of animation forever. "Fantasia" is still popular more than 70 years after its release. Disney revisited the idea with a very successful sequel.

  2. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” This Disney classic is based off the fairy tale of the same name. The movie is about Snow White, whose wicked step-mother tries to have her killed. Snow White runs away and finds refuge with the dwarfs. It seems like a happy ending for the young girl, but her step-mother puts her in a deep sleep. In the end, Snow White's true love, a prince who fell in love with her from afar, breaks the spell with a kiss.

  3. “Beauty and the Beast” This old Walt Disney movie is based off the fairy tale of the same name. It’s the story of a prince cursed to be a beast and the only thing that will save him is true love's kiss. Enter Belle, a young girl who isn’t satisfied with her life but has an amazing heart.

  4. “Aladdin” This old Walt Disney movie is about a young man who lives on the street. The boy’s life is changed when he gains possession of a magic lamp and in the end falls in love with a princess. It’s the story of how love doesn’t care about social status. "Aladdin" was an instant classic that was followed by two more movies and a TV show.

  5. “The Lion King” This is the story of a young lion cub named Simba. It’s a touching story of how the lion loses his father and runs away. Later, Simba’s uncle has taken over the pride. Simba has to overcome his fear of returning and take his rightful place as king.

  6. “Cinderella” This old Walt Disney movie is based on a fairy tale. It’s one of the movies that immediately come to mind when you think of Disney. It’s the story of a young woman whose cruel step-mother keeps her as a maid. Cinderella wishes on a star and her fairy godmother mixes things up so love is now in the cards.

  7. “The Little Mermaid” This movie had some of the best songs in Walt Disney history. It’s the story of a young mermaid name Ariel who is not content with her ocean life and soon makes a deal with the sea witch to become human. Ariel’s dreams of love with the prince get threatened by the strings attached to the deal.

  8. “Sleeping Beauty” This is another old Walt Disney movie based off a classic fairy tale. It’s the story of a young princess that is cursed to sleep until she rescued by a prince. The animation in this film was truly amazing.  

  9. “The Jungle Book” This old Walt Disney movie is based on “Mowgli” by Rudyard Kiplings. It’s a touching story about a little boy named Mowgli who is raised in the jungle.

  10. “The Sword in the Stone” This is Disney’s take on the Arthurian legend. It tells of the young Arthur who pulls the magic sword from the stone and is destined to be king. It’s a great movie and Merlin is extremely funny.