Ready to watch the 10 best old ABC Family movies? The ABC Family network came into existence in 1977.  Throughout the years ABC family or prior named companies have offered family entertainment and movies that created lasting memories.

  1. "Night of the Twisters" This old 1996 ABC Family movie is still available for viewing on various websites.  It is an action thriller reminiscent of the movie “Twister”. The menacing force in this movie is a set of horrifying tornados.  This movie stars Devon Sawa, Amos Crawley, and John Schneider.

  2. "Ice Angel" This feel good ABC Family movie features many of the inspiring plots that are expected of ABC Family. The main character’s life is ended early due to an accident caused by a witless angel.  Star sighting in this movie include Tara Lipinski, Nancy Kerrigan, and Alan Thicke.

  3. "Au Pair II" The beloved old ABC Family movie is back with all of the mischief of the sweet little characters Katie and Alex. When rich children of a potential business partners try to ruin the engagement of Oliver, the children’s father, and Jennifer the beloved au pair, the kids swing into action.

  4. "This Time Around" This old ABC Family movie appeals to everyone who would love to go back in time and do things differently. School nerds Mel and Carly are best friends who emerge from their cocoon as beautiful women. When the tables turn Mel decides to take revenge only to find that she has fallen for the man who broke her heart again.

  5. "Searching for David’s Heart" This heartBreaking story stars a young Danielle Panabaker who plays Darcy Deeton a young girl who feels responsible for her brother’s death. When her brother’s heart is donated to someone, Darcy goes on a journey to find the person and make things right. Her discovery is shocking and leads to self-discovery.

  6. "She Gets What She Wants" This old ABC Family movie features a revenge driven Genevieve who plans to systematically take over rival Starla’s life. She uses several wicked techniques to essentially discredit and embarrass Starla. Genevieve is eventually exposed and stopped, or is she?

  7. "Kart Racer" This popular 2003 ABC Family channel movie was a heartwarming story of a boy who endeavored to compete in a kart racing competition. The competition becomes a point of connection for the main character and his father. Star sighting in this movie include Randy Quaid, Will Rothaar, and David Gallagher.

  8. "Hello Sister Goodbye Life" In this ABC Family movie Olivia, who is played by Lacey Chabert, is blindsided by the death of her parents. Her life is further changed when she is charged with caring for her little sister Celia, who is played by Sammi Hanratty. This movie did not receive the acclaim it deserved.

  9. "Snowglobe" There is no need to wait for Christmas to enjoy this sweet ABC Family movie. Angela who is played by pop sensation Christina Milan enjoys celebrating Christmas. When she is given a snowglobe that allows her to live out her fantasy she can’t resist using it. She ends up becoming trapped in the globe and is forced to make a choice between real love and real life.

  10. "Panic in the Skies" The worst nightmare becomes reality in this airplane nail-biter. When the crew of a plane are killed, a passenger and a flight attendant are forced to attempt to land the plane. The matter is further complicated by events on the ground.  Erik Estrada stars in this 1996 action film.

-Brandy Willingham


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