Every family has a story to tell and the same is true for the 10 best focus on the family movies. Some families are quirky, some are wholesome, some are dangerous, and some are courageous. Each of the ten best movies that focus on family offers a different perspective of family life.

  1. Meet Me in St. Louis.” (1944) A year in the life of a Midwestern family at the turn of the century just before the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis. Starring Judy Garland, Mary Astor, Margaret O’Brien, Marjorie Main, and Leon Ames. Delightful script, music and costumes.

  2. I Remember Mama”. (1948) The heartwarming and enchanting tale of a Norwegian immigrant family living in San Francisco in 1910 as recalled and narrated by the eldest daughter Katrina (Barbara Bel Geddes). Starring Irene Dunne as Mama, Oskar Homolka as Uncle Chris, and Philip Dorn as Papa.

  3. Little Women”.(1949) The all star ensemble cast of  June Allyson, Peter Lawford, Margaret O’Brien, Mary Astor, Elizabeth Taylor, and Janet Leigh bring to life the classic Louisa May Alcott story of her life in Concord, Massachusetts with her three sisters during the Civil War. Enchanting, charming, and heartbreaking.

  4. Life With Father”. (1947) A charming tale of family patriarch Clarence Day (William Powell) who deludes himself into thinking he is the stern head of his family, but who is completely managed by his wife Vinnie (Irene Dunne) and their three redheaded sons. Elizabeth Taylor and Zazu Pitts play the charming visitors who stir up trouble. Delightful comedy.

  5. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”. (1962) A ground breaking bold film about multiracial relationships in the 1960’s starring Spencer Tracy in his final role as Matt Drayton, Katherine Hepburn as Christina Drayton, Katharine Houghton, Hepburn’s real life niece, as Joey, and Sidney Poitier as Dr. John Prentice. Winner of two Oscars.

  6. Yours, Mine, and Ours”. (1968) Widow Helen North (Lucille Ball) with eight children meets and marries widower Frank Beardsley (Henry Fonda) who has 10 children. Together they overcome the difficulties of blending the two families and successfully make a home together. Enlightening family fun.

  7. The Godfather”. (1972) A serious look at a different kind of family, the Corleone family, portrayed as one of the New York crime families. The aging patriarch reluctantly passes the job to his youngest son after the murder of his eldest son. Starring Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, and James Caan. Winner of three Oscars.

  8. The Addams Family”. (1991) This Oscar winning film about the quirky eccentric Addams family stars Anjelica Huston as the Gothic Morticia, Raul Julia and the adoring Gomez Addams, Christopher Lloyd as the lovable Uncle Fester, Christina Ricci and the arduous Wednesday Addams, and Carel Struyken as the faithful Lurch. Grifters produce a fake Uncle Fester to con the family. Great fun.

  9. My Big Fa Greek Wedding”. (2002) A comical look at a typical Greek family who struggles to cope with the cultural differences as their youngest daughter’s intends to marry a non-Greek man. Starring Nia Vardalos as the bride Toula Portokalos, John Corbett as the groom Ian Miller, Michael Constatine as Gus Portokalos, and Lainie Kazan as Maria Portokalos.

  10. The Wedding Date”. (2005) A romantic comedy about a single girl, Kate Ellis (Debra Messing), who hires a male escort, Nick Mercer (Dermot Mulroney), to play her boyfriend in front of her family at her sister Amy’s (Amy Adams) wedding in England.