Are you searching for the 10 best family movies of 2009? Well, this article will provide you with films that are great for adults, teens and kids of any age. There is something about a classic movie with a strong but loving  message to warm your heart, keep you interested, and entertain you all the way through until the end. So, take note and find the best family films that were made in 2009.

  1. "Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs". This is a great family film for anyone. The children's book took off in 1978 and still captivates the hearts of people. It's fun energetic movie that can remind you of way life was much simpler at a certain time in life. When water molecules into food falling from the sky, nothing has ever been so serious!

  2. "Monsters Vs. Aliens". This is a really cute family movie that everyone can enjoy. When an 'alien' from Earth visits a different planet, he finds that just because they are living on a different planet doesn't mean they are really even different from us. A young boy from the other world helps the earthling go back home.

  3. "Where The Wild Things Are". This 2009 family movie is a great adventure to take with your family. It has a little something for everyone and life lessons that anyone can put to good work. The children's book was an instant hit, and so was the film!

  4. "The Princess and the Frog". This is another really great family film of 2009. Everyone loves a fairy tale, and this is a fairy tale like no other. It's humorous, witty, and sweet. It's a charming movie to watch with your family.

  5. "Coraline". Tim Burton made yet another gothic film with just the right touch of scary gothic charm and a family touch. When Coraline doesn't agree with her mother not having time to spend with her, she finds a parallel universe with a mother that does have time for her.

  6. "Disney's A Christmas Carol". If you need a great movie for the entire family this is it. With the technology of high quality 3D and Jim Carrey's banter, it makes the perfect film for the Holidays and for anytime. Experience "A Christmas Carol" like never before.

  7. "Aliens In the Attic". This was another cute 2009 family movie that will take you on an adventure far away. It's the perfect mix of family humor and life lessons while still creeping kids out about what's really coming on up there in the attic.

  8. "Race To Witch Mountain". The older version of this film was a great family movie and so it the newest version. Nicholas Cage spices up things for the adults while the children get the mysterious adventure. It's a great ride!

  9. "Up." This Pixar movie is about a man who tied too many balloons to his chair and just floated away! It's a great movie for the whole family and has valuable morals and lessons for everybody. It's one of those movies that you can always refer back to.

  10. "Toy Story 3D". This may be one of the most amazing movies ever made. As "Toy Story" continues, it's all in 3D for the entire family to be amazed. Woody and Buzz Light Year go big one more time!