It's much more fun to watch drama than experience it, so the 10 best family drama movies are the greatest choice. These films will leave you in suspense and keep you entertained through all of it. Experience the entire range of emotions with these movies.

  1. ''Citizen Kane'' -  Often regarded as the best film of all time, this movie can be an rewarding watch for the family. The drama is intense and the cinematography is possibly the most influential to cinematic history.

  2. ''The Social Network'' Chances are, someone in your family uses Facebook, so this movie will entertain the children of the family while giving them a little insight into the founder and his thought process.

  3. ''It's a Wonderful Life''While at the same time being a Christmas movie, this film is the classic 'what if I didn't exist' situation. The whole family can appreciate the thickness of the drama and emotion.

  4. ''Million Dollar Baby'' - A true drama film that transcends the sports genre. This movie will teach a valuable lesson about forgetting one's past and to keep pushing forward regardless of the challenges.

  5. ''Rocky'' - The first and last installment qualifies more as a drama film than the others. But this classic is loved by every age group in the family, and it's one that everyone can agree to watch.

  6. ''Defiance'' - World War II movies generally aren't too family oriented, but this drama shows just how much people can accomplish with a little hard work and a whole lot of willpower.

  7. ''Birdman of Alcatraz'' - A movie about loneliness, compassion, and new hopes. There's no reason that anyone shouldn't have a family movie bonding experience with this drama masterpiece.

  8. ''Th Devil Wears Prada'' - An all around fun film that everyone can agree to enjoy. The solid acting and the stresses of everyday life that everyone can relate to makes this film great in its own right.

  9. ''Roots'' - The story of slaves in the pre-Civil war era. An educational experience for younger family members and a thrill rider for the older ones.

  10. ''Amadeus'' - An entertaining, if not completely accurate portrayal of the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Life was dramatic for even the greatest of minds. Everyone can enjoy this movie's musical score and see why it won so many awards.