What are the 10 best family Christian movies ever made? Christian movies have been made from both adult and child perspectives for decades. Christian parents need to use age appropriate guidelines and materials for their child to view.

  1. "The Ten Commandments." The classic 1956 version starring Charleton Heston as Moses has been a long time family Christian movie enjoyed by many families. Annual showings of this movie make this a long time favorite for Christians of all ages.

  2. "Jonah: A Veggie Tales Movie." Although this movie is geared toward young children, the entire family will enjoy watching Archibald play Jonah while learning about God. Released in 2002, check local libraries to rent it for free.

  3. "A Christmas Carol." Over a half dozen versions of this best family Christian movie exist. Which version you watch is not as important as the underlying meaning of always being kind to one another.

  4. "David and Goliath." The 1960 version starring Orson Welles is the best known version of this Christian movie depicting David. This movie may not be suitable for all ages.

  5. "Maggie's Passage." Parents of tweens and teens need to put this one on a must have list. This family Christian movie shows life lived through homeless people who have God's word in their hearts.

  6. "Pamela's Prayer." Anyone trying to raise a daughter with Christian values has to see this movie (with their daughter). This best family Christian movie teaches purity and values Christian parents can appreciate.

  7. "Fireproof." This is a family Christian movie best targeted for older children and parents. Caleb's struggles will leave all in tears as they relate to his world.

  8. "Amazing Grace." This is about a man's struggle to assist in equality for all races. This Christian movie is geared more toward tweens and older.

  9. "Saved By The Light." Originally a book written by Dannion Brinkley describing his life before, during and after a life changing event, this best family Christian movie is for the older children.

  10. "Objects of Wrath." This best family Christian movie targets adults, though children with non-Christian or new found Christian parents will relate. Check out the movie trailer before renting this movie to see if the subject matter would be too much for your young child.