10 Best Family Adventure Movies

Saturday, March 12 by Lee Grayson

The 10 best family adventure movies offer decades of entertainment for both young and old alike. The key to good family entertainment is a film that keeps the family's attention with a plot that moves quickly, but so quickly that the youngest members of the family can't follow the action. The humor in the film must also be mixed, with small entertaining jokes for the youngest, as well as jokes for the adults. Neither group should feel that they missed out on essential information necessary to move the plot. 

  1. "Up." This 2009 film stars the voices of Ed Asner, Christopher Plummer and Jordan Nagia in the tale of a senior citizen who heads out to see South America. Pete Docter directs that family adventure movie modern classic. 
  2. "Hoot." Who would think that a film about rare owls would make the list of the best family adventure movies? This eco tale about saving rare owls incorporates an adventure of catching the evil developers in the act of trashing the baby owls. Kids can take charge of their world and this film shows how it can be done. 
  3. "Alice in Wonderland."  The new "Alice," released in 2010 and starring Johnny Depp and a cast of famous actors, sticks to the classic tale by Lewis Carroll. Alice is the young adventurer in this story about a young girl bored with life on an afternoon who takes an imaginary trip down a rabbit hole. Her attempt at escape takes the entire film. 
  4. "An American Tale." This 1986 film follows a group of mice on the road from their home in Russia to live in the United States. The young mouse attempts to return to his family in this best family adventure movie that also ties in American history in the tale of emigration. 
  5. "Babe." This charming tale about a pig takes animals on a family adventure when he learns to be a herding pig on the farm of Farmer Hoggett. It's a unique point of view that is attractive to both kids and parents alike. 
  6. "Free Willy." This 1993 film follows the story of a whale released back into the natural habitat. The adventure deals with a young boy's interest in helping the whale when he finds out that the water park has Willy on their hit list. 
  7. "Something Wicked This Way Comes." It's time for the carnival to come into town and this family adventure movie focuses on two boys who must sav the town from the evil Dust Witch and her cohorts. A young boy must also rescue his dad from his own feelings of inadequacy. 
  8. "Freaky Friday." Mom or daughter? It's hard to tell in this film starring Jamie Lee Curtis. Mom and her daughter make a mysterious out of body change so the minds don't match the physical body. Both characters must deal with a major adventure, as well as figuring out how to do the body exchange in this film. 
  9. "The Wizard of Oz." A classic best family adventure film, the wizard and the foursome who make the trip to the Land of Oz in 1939, go on the ultimate adventure. The film stars Judy Garland, Ray Bolger and Frank Morgan in a tale originally written by L. Frank Baum. The evil guys have a witch and flying attack monkeys, a classic film duo. 
  10. "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix." Harry and his friends deal with evil and follow adventure in this film, part of a series, that was released in 2007. Daniel Radcliffe takes the main role and has help with the magic wands from actors Emma Watson and Rupert Grint. More evil witch doings in this best list movie. 
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