The list of the 10 best children and family movies include some of the most entertaining and endearing films ever made. Hollywood has gotten very good at making films that border the line between being kids movies, so that movies that are appropriate for kids also appeal to adults, with subtle jokes and sophisticated elements. Watching a movie that satisfies every member of the family is a great way to have great time together.

  1. "Beauty and the Beast." This film, one of the best children and family movies, was the first animated movie ever to be nominated for the Academy Award for best picture. With a great, time-honored story, Broadway-quality songs, and characters that you’ll remember forever, this may be one of Disney’s best films ever.

  2. "Finding Nemo." This 2003 Disney/Pixar movie became an instant classic upon its release and is certainly one of the best children and family movies you can find. The tale of a clown fish trying to find his lost son—with the help of a forgetful pal he meets on the way—tugs at the heart strings and delights to no end.

  3. "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory." This movie from the 1970s starring Gene Wilder is one of the best children and family movies. A bizarre and bewildering tour of a chocolate factory turns surreal for the children and parents involved, but we all know the happy ending, and we can all sing most of the songs.

  4. "Alice in Wonderland." This film is adapted from a children’s story and is one of the best children and family movies. Alice goes down the rabbit hole and meets a bizarre cast of characters and escapes—barely—with her head still in tact, much to the disappointment of the evil Queen of Hearts.

  5. "Up." "Up" is a heartwarming story about a lonely old man who befriends a young boy. What makes this tired old story different is that their relationship is largely developed in a house that is held aloft by thousands of balloons, and which they’ve flown to South America. Touching, suspenseful and funny, this is a great Pixar title.  

  6. "Monsters, Inc." This humorous film takes place in a world where monsters fuel their city on the screams of human children. The great John Goodman and Billy Crystal voice the two main characters, who ultimately realize that bringing humor—not terror—is the best way to run their town.

  7. "Cinderella." This classic story is told by Disney in one of the best children and family movies ever made. A put-upon step-daughter, Cinderella has her dreams answered when a fairy godmother gives her the night of her life. One retrieved slipper later, and Cinderella finds herself leaving her cruel family behind.

  8. "Sleeping Beauty." This movie tells the story of Princess Aurora and her battles against the evil and appropriately named Maleficent. Following standard fairy-tale procedure, she is rescued by the kiss of a prince.

  9. "Cars." This film is a story about a hot-rod car in a sleepy little town that time has forgotten. The great voice cast includes Cheech Marin, Bonnie Hunt, Owen Wilson and Paul Newman, who plays the cranky old car who knows a little more than he lets on.

  10. "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone." This is the first installment of this franchise based on the insanely popular books. Harry is the “boy under the stairs” who discovers he is a wizard. Whisked away to a wizarding school, his battles against the evil Voldemort begin.