One of the best ways to spend time with your family is by watching one of the 10 best American family movies. All these movies offer an excellent blend of enjoyable storytelling, compelling characters and a plot that is not needlessly centered around sex and violence. What's more, these films are well-made. Watching any one of these great movies will make your next family movie night fun for everyone.        

  1. "Home Alone" This classic family movie from the early 1990s stars adorable child star Macaulay Culkin, who plays Kevin, a precocious little boy who attempts to save his house from villainous robbers. With its blend of delightful music, slapstick humor and razor sharp wit, this is one family movie everyone is sure to enjoy.

  2. "Muppet Treasure Island" This film starring everyone’s favorite Muppets is a surprisingly enjoyable adaptation of the classic novel. With its surprisingly intelligent humor and talented cast (including the always enjoyable Tim Curry) this is one American family movie that everyone is sure to enjoy.

  3. "E.T. the Extraterrestrial" There are few families who haven’t enjoyed this masterpiece from the mind of Steven Spielberg, which tells the story of an alien who befriends a human family as he attempts to make his way back to his home planet. Everyone will enjoy this blend of science-fiction and family entertainment.

  4. "The Lion King" During the 1990s Disney was quite famous for producing some of the best American family movies and this film certainly tops the list. As one of the highest grossing films of all time, it definitely deserves to be on your family’s watch list and you’re sure to enjoy the compelling story and music that has made this film such a long-lasting and enduring part of Disney’s canon.

  5. "The Wizard of Oz" No list of the best American family movies would be complete without this film with its dazzling color and superb acting talents of the immortal Judy Garland. With its timeless tale of magic, youthful striving for identity and a healthy dash of everyone’s favorite villain (the evil Witch of the West), this is one American family film that is sure to occupy a privileged place on your shelf.

  6. "A Christmas Story" If the holiday season is coming on, you might want to consider watching this timeless classic that tells the story of the boy Ralphie and his desire to attain the Christmas present that he wants most. This Christmas family movie is sure to warm the hearts of everyone in the family.

  7. "The Princess Bride" If rousing fantasy adventure is more to your family’s liking, be sure to watch this movie that tells the story of Princess Buttercup and her quest to be with her true love Westley. With the mix of fantasy and adventure and the triumph of good over evil, this is one of the best American family movies around.

  8. "The Land Before Time" This movie, produced by famed animator Don Bluth, tells the story of a young dinosaur and his friends as they attempt to reach the safety of the Great Valley. This film is definitely not for the faint of heart, but it is an amazingly touching and powerful movie. If you are looking for a cartoon that is still good watching for adults, this is the film for you.

  9. "Mrs. Doubtfire" This classic 1990s family movie featuring the inimitable comic talents of Robin Williams is a comedy that nevertheless has some very adult and serious themes, including how to cope with a family in the midst of a divorce and its aftermath. However, the focus is always on comedy and on the humor we can find in even the most unusual situations.

  10. "Free Willy" If you are looking for a touching movie about animal rights and their place in our lives, you are definitely going to want to watch this film, which tells the story of a boy and his attempts to free a killer while from vicious captivity. With its heartwarming and iconic ending, this is one American family movie that is not to be missed.