If you’re babysitting your older brother’s kids, you’re going to need one of the 10 best 90’s kids movies. Because there’s no way their parents are going to go for a “Rambo” marathon, and it’s a bit early to introduce them to “Porky’s.”

  1. "Air Bud" “Air Bud” is the story of a boy who moves to a new town and a new school. A lost golden retriever makes friends with him and helps the transition between old and new go a little smoother.

  2. “Balto” "Balto" is one of those bittersweet, victorious movies that kids relate to if they’re outcasts. Balto is an Alaskan dog that leads his pack to safety after the real leader runs afoul. Yes, it’s cliché. Just don’t tell the kids.

  3. "Beethoven" The world’s most slobbery dog found its way into the hearts of kids and adults alike in one of the best 90’s kids movies. You might even enjoy this one. Hey, it’s got a cute girl in it. What else do want?

  4. “Toy Story” It doesn’t get any better than Tom Hanks and Tim Allen in the same movie. Woody and Buzz Lightyear (not scatological jokes here, guys) butt heads over who’s the head honcho – and Andy’s favorite – and get into plenty of trouble in the process in one of the best 90’s kids movies.

  5. “Stuart Little” Who’d have thought the story of a little white mouse would catch on so well? E. B. White’s book makes for an even better movie in the tale of a mouse who finds a home with a boy who loves him and a cat who hates him.

  6. “Homeward Bound” Hope you can tolerate talking animals because “Homeward Bound” is full of them. A slightly inept dog sitter loses track of two dogs and a cat while the family is on vacation. The threesome outsmart mountain lions, fall to their near deaths in waterfalls and escape other calamities in one of the best 90’s kids movies.

  7. “Beauty and the Beast” The Broadway musical took cartoon form in the '90s, and has been a hit with little princesses ever since. You might even appreciate the low-cut dresses on the lead female character and dance hall girls if you can’t stand the music.

  8. “Aladdin” Robin Williams is drop-dead funny as a genie who makes Aladdin’s life a little brighter. In the age-old story of a street tramp who sets his sights on an Arabian princess, music meets action and makes for a film even adults love.

  9. “The Lion King” Elton John turned this movie from good to great with an awesome soundtrack, with a little help from Tim Rice. Yes, the radio way overplayed them, but it’s fun to hear them played along with the movie while you’re watching it with the kids.

  10. “Dennis the Menace” The world’s brattiest twerp is almost loveable in one of the best 90’s kids movies. There’s plenty of tormenting in store for Mr. Wilson, but it’s all in good fun.