The “Zombieland” soundtrack song list includes a number of great hard rock and alternative songs with some classic tunes mixed in for good measure. The movie, about four survivors trying to stay alive during a zombie apocalypse, is a smart mix of comedy and gore and the music is a perfect backdrop. The soundtrack of rock songs is not available for sale but can be found individually to build your own playlist.

  1. “For Whom the Bell Tolls” – The “Zombieland” soundtrack song list opens with this Metallica song, setting the table for the mayhem that is to come. The song plays over the zombie apocalypse, as the monsters wreck havoc and eat everything in sight. The song originally appeared on Metallica’s “Ride the Lightning.”

  2. “You're a Wolf” – This song from the “Zombieland” soundtrack song list is by Sea Wolf and plays while Columbus is sitting at home playing video games, remaining safe. This does not last long as soon his neighbor comes and knocks on his door, bringing the zombie attacks to his doorstep.

  3. “Duelin' Banjos” – This tune, from the “Zombieland” soundtrack song list, was originally played in the score for “Deliverance.” With the survivors accosted by hillbilly zombies, Tallahassee chooses to play the song to lure a redneck zombie out for the kill.

  4. “Everybody Wants Some” - This Van Halen addition to the “Zombieland” soundtrack song list plays when Tallahassee and Columbus have their vehicle stolen but then find a Hummer full of weapons. They fire the guns off into the air and take off with the song blaring. The song originally appeared on Van Halen’s “Women and Children First.”

  5. “Puppy Love” – Tallahassee reveals part of his back story about how he lost his “puppy.” During the revelation, thi Paul Anka number from the “Zombieland” soundtrack song list plays longingly.

  6.  “Ghostbusters” - This Ray Parker Jr. tune from the “Zombieland” soundtrack song list prepares the movie for the funniest cameo in the entire film, the appearance of a very alive Bill Murray. The guys are watching “Ghostbusters” and then they start to reenact scenes from the movie.

  7. “Don't Fear the Reaper” – During the scenes with Bill Murray, this Blue Oyster Cult tune from the “Zombieland” soundtrack song list plays while they sit around and smoke pot with the actor. The song originally appeared on the band’s 1977 album “Tattoo Vampire.”

  8. “I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry” – This classic Hank Williams Sr. song plays over the scene in Bill Murray’s mansion while Tallahassee teaches Little Rock how to shoot a gun. The classical country hit originally appeared on the 1949 album, “Legend Lives Anew with Strings.”

  9. “Your Touch” – This song by The Black Keys originally appeared on their fourth album entitled “Magic Potion.” This tune from the “Zombieland” soundtrack song list plays after Columbus saves Wichita and Little Rock from the zombie attack as they are trapped on the amusement park ride.

  10. “Salute Your Solution” – This song by The Raconteurs plays over the end credits as the group drives off together. The song originally appeared on the band’s album, “Consolers of the Lonely,” from 2008.