The "Zombieland" cast, a comedy movie with a little horror thrown in, offers accurate portrayals of people in a truly bizarre situation. "Zombieland" pits these four characters together as human beings facing extinction after an apocalypse has the United States overrun with zombies. This "Zombieland" cast has star power and uncompromising comedic timing that makes "Zombieland" a refreshing take on the often-stale zombie genre.

  1. Jesse Eisenberg - Just a year before playing Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in the Academy Award-winning phenomenon "The Social Network," Jesse Eisenberg starred in "Zombieland" as Columbus. Like all the other "Zombieland" cast members in this list, Eisenberg's character is named after where he is from - Columbus, Ohio. This meek, petrified survivor learns the importance of being able to "man-up" and fight back against the zombie onslaught.                      

  2. Woody Harrelson Representing the sunny state of Florida, Woody Harrelson's character Tallahassee is a much wilder breed than Columbus. He is the wide-eyed, cowboy of the bunch, whose only weakness in "Zombieland" seems to be his infatuation with Hostess Twinkee snacks. Although Columbus is clearly the main character whose eyes we see this chaotic world through, Tallahassee takes on a leadership role in this group's quest for finding some remaining signs of humanity in "Zombieland."                        

  3. Emma Stone - Wichita is a city in Kansas, and the name of this manipulative young survivor in "Zombieland" played by Emma Stone. She is the older sister of Little Rock, and is the source of attraction of her anxious admirer Columbus. She is adamant about arriving at "Pacific Playpland," an amusement park that has been said to be free of zombies.

  4. Abigail Breslin - If you were won over by that cute, ambitious young dancer in the movie "Little Miss Sunshine," she appears to have grown up a bit in "Zombieland." This time around she plays Little Rock, Wichita's younger sister and sidekick on their journey to the presumed safe-haven from zombies, "Pacific Playland." She is very carefree and easygoing, but not above conning people to survive.

- Jason Cuthbert