A work of Shakespeare is not to be interpreted lightly but opinion will always exist and so the 10 best "Romeo and Juliet" quotes come forth. A work of love and politics, of friendship and betrayal, this story will hopefully never be lost to humanity. Examine, interpret and enjoy these few selections:

"I am Fortune's fool." Here is a quote that speaks to everyone. Fate can be fickle and situations that appear to be created by the whim of somethin unknown are a common experience. This is a line that evokes a flood of memories and reminds the audience of how small we are in the realm of the universe.

"My only love sprung from my only hate." Dichotomy that produces its own antithesis is frightening yet beautiful. Like the Yin and Yang, each opposite contains a piece of the other. This is a powerful "Romeo and Juliet" quote that strikes at the viewer's heart.

"By my heel, I care not!" The foot treads upon the ground without a second thought. A simple quote shows how little Mercutio is worried about the threat the Capulets present. It is a telling foreshadowing that what is disregarded can bite us in the end.

"It is the east and Juliet is the sun." The sun is the earth's life giver, at least for now. What better exclamation of love then to see your partner as the giver of both life and light to you? Succinct yet filled with beauty, this quote from "Romeo and Juliet" lays bare Romeo's perception of Juliet.

"I gave thee mine before thou didst request it." Love is let loose befor knowing whether it would find purchase. This line gives immense weight to the suddenness of this courtship. The predestination of Juliet's love gives validity to the present affair in "Romeo and Juliet."

"Arms take your last embrace!" The sorrow of one last touch before the end is crushing. This is a line that makes one ponder his own mortality. The intimacy of evoking the end of touching cries out with despair and hits with a subtle fury.

"I defy you stars." Defiance voiced against all that exists makes this "Romeo and Juliet" quote thought provoking. The individual stands against the heavens and refuses to kneel. A singular focus against the imagined and the tangible grants this exclamation the steadfastness of a mountain.

"That dreamers often lie." When conscious, the individual chases the dream. When night falls, the dream hunts the individual. The dreamer makes of the dream what he will and therein lays many an unseen falsehood.

"Ask for me tomorrow, and you shall find me a grave man." A jovial man, Mercutio offers up a pun even as he lies wounded. Death need not be serious as it is the great unknown so choose your own tone for the end. The grave may call many in "Romeo and Juliet," but humor still holds power against the finite.

"Tempt not a desperate man!" Desperation can lead to terrible choices. Though many paths are available on the journey through life, desperation narrows the field of vision and can lead one astray. "Romeo and Juliet" lets reason go in favor of love and perhaps that's the greatest temptation of all.

- Matthew Langenfeld