‘Where The Wild Things Are’ Quotes To Find Yourself To

Wednesday, September 7 by Jason Cuthbert

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These "Where the Wild Things Are" quotes capture the themes and humor that this 2009 family adventure film contain. Adapting dialogue for a story from a children's book as cherished as this one by Maurice Sendak comes with huge expectations. But these quotes from "Where the Wild Things Are" succeed in reminding adults of the concerns and priorities of being a child.

Judith: "Happiness isn't always the best way to be happy." As odd as this quote may sound, it declares that happiness is something that can't be faked. Judith, one of the enormous creatures from "Where the Wild Things Are", knows that a smile on your face won't make you happy unless you are smiling for a real reason. You must pursue the things in life that bring about true happiness for it to truly exist.

Douglas: "Will you keep out all the sadness?" Max: "I have a sadness shield that keeps out all the sadness, and it's big enough for all of us." When the "Wild Thing" Douglas asks Max about keeping out sadness if he becomes King, it is as if he is speaking for the entire tribe. Why are they so unhappy and what can be done about it? Max's quote, as far-fetched as it may sound, illustrates an answer to the main dilemma in "Where the Wild Things Are" – loneliness.

Max: "Carol, did you know the sun was gonna die?" Carol: "What? I never heard that… Oh, come on. That can't happen. I mean you're the king, and look at me, I'm big! How can guys like us worry about a tiny little thing like the sun, hmm?" This quote from "Where the Wild Things Are" shows Carol's confidence and commitment to Max as a friend and king. Unfortunately he is unaware of just how unqualified Max is to be a leader and how huge the sun really is. Even with all that said, Carol's words speak to the power of self-reliance.

Max: "Then I have a double re-cracker, which can get through anything in this whole universe. And that's the end, and there's nothing more powerful after that, ever. Period." In "Where the Wild Things Are", Max lies his way into a position as king of the "Wild Things." This quote is part of his "election campaign". His outrageous exaggerations feel like truth to a child his age, allowing his conviction to shine through.

Judith: "You're the first king we haven't eaten." This humorous quote shows how Max's friendship not only made Judith happy, but prevented Max from becoming breakfast. During Max's stay on the island inhabited by the creatures from "Where the Wild Things Are", he found happiness through solidarity. But he also learned that acting out of anger leads to sadness for all involved.

 -Jason Cuthbert  

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