The two main characters in these "Up in the Air" quotes are Ryan Bingham, a guy who is hired to fire employees, and Natalie Keener, a new co-worker who Ryan is helping to train. Their outlooks on life couldn't be much more different—Ryan hates relationships and Natalie needs them. These quotes from the Academy Award-nominated movie "Up in the Air" are among the best.

  1. Flight Attendant: "Would you like the cancer?" Ryan Bingham: "What?" Flight Attendant: "Would you like the can, sir?" This "Up in the Air" quote is a clever play-on-words, but also alludes to how quickly life could turn miserable. This startling misunderstanding could be a sudden realization of how difficult his life alone would be if he did have cancer. Who would be there for him?

  2. Ryan Bingham: "All the things you probably hate about traveling -the recycled air, the artificial lighting, the digital juice dispensers, the cheap sushi- are warm reminders that I'm home." This quote from "Up in the Air" is the perfect introduction to what Ryan's life is all about. He is constantly on the road for the majority of the year - and he likes it that way. He loves the total freedom of being disconnected from people and constantly mobile.

  3. Ryan Bingham:"Are you angry at your computer?" Natalie Keener: "I type with purpose." This funny quote from "Up in the Air" between Ryan, played by George Clooney, and Natalie played by Anna Kendrick begins to show their personal differences. Ryan is charming, laid-back and completely in control. Natalie is intensely driven and has her life planned so tightly that she may never be able to reach her own standards.

  4. Natalie Keener: "I thought I'd be engaged by now. I thought by 23, I'd be married, maybe have a kid, corner office by day, entertaining at night. I was supposed to be driving a Grand Cherokee by now." Natalie's desire to pre-plan her life and remain in control of it leaves zero room for error. She is somewhat similar to Ryan in this aspect - minus his lack of emotional connections. This quote captures her character's purpose for living and shows just how "Up in the AIr" her life feels without it.

  5. Ryan Bingham: "Starting when I was 12, we moved each one of my grandparents into a nursing facility. My parents went the same way. Make no mistake, we all die alone. Now those cult members in San Diego, with the sneakers and the Kool-Aid, they didn't die alone. I'm just saying there are options." Ryan refuses to get married or have children. This quote that he shares with Natalie in "Up in the Air" gives a glimpse as to why he may not want to create bonds with people. These losses may have conjured up a fear of commitment inside of him that he has carried with him into adulthood.

  6. Ryan Bingham: "That's exactly what it is, it's luggage. You know how much time you lose by checking in?" Natalie Keener: "I don't know. Five, ten minutes?" Ryan Bingham: "35 minutes a flight. I travel 270 days a year. That's 157 hours. That makes seven days. You're willing to throw away an entire week on that?" When Ryan breaks down all of this time-management for Natalie, it is clear that he takes traveling seriously. This particular "Up in the Air" quote shows not only that Ryan has done this plenty times before, but that it is more than his livelihood—traveling is his life. And wherever he is headed, he doesn't want to waste time getting there.

-Jason Cuthbert