The “Up In The Air” cast features a number of veteran actors and actresses. “Up In The Air” is the story of a man who spends his the bulk of his time traveling the US firing people for companies.

  1. George Clooney. George Clooney plays the main character in the “Up In The Air” cast; Ryan Bingham. Ryan is a professional who works for a company that specializes in firing people.

  2. Vera Farmiga. Vera Farmiga plays a traveling professional working for another company named Alex Goran. Alex and Ryan notice each other frequently at various airports around the country and end up in a relationship.

  3. Jason Bateman. Jason Bateman was cast as Ryan Bingham’s boss Craig Gregory in “Up In The Air.” Craig is presented the opportunity to ground his workings thereby saving millions in airfare, which does not sit well with many of his staff.

  4. Anna Kendrick. Anna Kendrick plays Natalie Keener in the “Up In The Air” cast. Anna is a young professional who present Craig Gregory with a way to ground his employees while continuing to provide services.

  5. Amy Morton. Amy Morton plays the role of Ryan Bingham’s sister Kara in the “Up In The Air” cast. She calls Ryan to ask a favor when the family has an emergency despite their estranged relationship.

  6. Melanie Lynskey. Melanie Lynskey play Ryan’s sister Julie Bingham in “Up In The Air.” She asks Ryan for a favor that he feels is silly and unnecessary but he eventually gives in to.

  7. Danny McBride. Danny McBride is Jim Miller in the “Up In The Air” cast. Jim is the finacee to Kara Bingham.

  8. Chris Lowell. Chris Lowell plays Ryan Bingham’s assistant Kevin in the “Up In The Air” cast.

  9. Marvin “Young MC” Young. Marvin Young plays himself, rapper Young MC, in “Up In The Air.” He’s featured as the entertainment at a convention that Ryan, Alex and Natalie crash.

  10. Lucus McFadden. Lucus McFadden is featured in the cast for “Up In The Air” as the disc jockey at the conference where Young MC performs. His character is called the Cut Chemist.

The “Up In The Air” cast tell the story of a man who travels full circle in his life and understanding. The movie net a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for Vera Farmiga. 

-Erika McDaniel