"Twilight: Eclipse" quotes reflect the battle between the character of Jacob and Edward as they both fight for Bella's heart. She toils with the idea of loving them both, but soon realizes that it will always be Edward who will end up winning her affections.

"Let's face it, I am hotter than you." Jacob the werewolf seems to be getting a little competitive with this "Eclipse" quote. When Jacob says this line, he has shirt off. He tells his rival Edward that he obviously doesn't stand a chance of keeping Bella's heart. Jacob's good looks and charm might prove to be too much temptation for sweet Bella. 

"I know the consequences of the choices you're making. After a few decades, everyone you know will be dead." Edward somewhat mockingly speaks to Bella about the after effects of choosing a life as a vampire in this witty "Eclipse" quote. If she follows her heart and chooses to be with Edward, she'll have to leave behind the life and identity she's accustomed to. Gaining eternal existence as a vampire isn't always a good thing.

"Isabella Swan, I promise to love you every moment of forever." Here's a sappy but endearing "Eclipse" quote. Edward wants to make sure that his love knows exactly how he feels. He may not be able to promise Bella everything she wants, but he can give her genuine love.

"This wasn't a choice between you and Jacob. It was a choice between who I am and who I should be." This is one of those "Eclipse" quotes that stops your mind in its tracks. Bella is speaking to Edward about her choice. She's defiant and philosophical when she makes it clear that she's her own woman. Bella won't simply be swayed by professions of love or manly competition; she knows what she wants and isn't afraid to do what she feels is best for her own self.

"You have to consider the idea that I might be better for her than you are." Another "Eclipse" quote that reflects the intense rivalry between Edward and Jacob. In this fight, Jacob seems to be at no loss for witty jabs and sarcasm. He's certainly out for blood and won't stop until he wins the ultimate prize—Bella.

-Helen Akers