The music to a film about loss and love must be picked wisely, much like in the "Love Happens" soundtrack song list. With a complication of emotions, special care must be given to avoiding throwing a film off its emotional base. Confront loss, accept love, and see what you enjoy in these songs:

"The Time of Times". Badly Drawn Boy writes songs that capture shared moments. With "The Time of Times" he puts a moment in amber and shows it off in the sunlight. A song that glides with true grace into the "Love Happens" soundtrack.

"Have a Little Faith in Me". A romance needs songs like "Have a Little Faith in Me" to showcase both self-doubt and self-promotion. John Hiatt crafted the type of song that will live forever in the hearts and heads of the listener. The "Love Happens" soundtrack would be missing its heart without the inclusion of this track.

"Fresh Feeling". The Eels bring an understated sensibility to this song as it slowly pushes you along. Once captured by "Fresh Feeling" there's no need to do anything but enjoy the ride. Slow and steady wins the race and is a gem in the "Love Happens" soundtrack.

"Dream". Priscilla Ahn voices questions both asked and unasked in this track. A beautiful voice backed with an equally beautiful arrangement means "Love Happens" gets the musical love it needs. "Dream" is both dreamlike and intense and worthy of many plays.

"Little Wing". A song that pulls off being the instrument and the vocals yet doesn't detract from either role. Christopher Young's "Little Wing" score is soft and filling with the flow of a breeze.  A track with a sense of purpose that doesn't mind if you follow along.

"Lake Michigan". An infectious song by Rogue Wave makes a sing-along inevitable. Listen, grin and sing with this track from "Love Happens". Crafted with apparent care and fondness, "Lake Michigan" won't be forgotten any time soon.

"We Will Become Silhouettes". A call to rejoin life that matches up nicely with "Love Happens". The Postal Service lets their lyrics take control of this track, giving additional power to the words. A candid warning about becoming your own loss rather than moving past it..

"Your Hand in Mine". With swells of sound that rise high only to lose power slowly and glide back down, Explosions in the Sky make a song well used in "Love Happens". A sense of urgency twists and turns throughout the song. Let the distractions slip off to be dealt with on another day when you listen to "Your Hand in Mine".

"IO (This Time Around)". Helen Stellar breaks uncomfortable silences and lays down subdued music to fill the void. "IO" lacks emotion, letting you decide what to feel with each listen. A song that isn't conventional makes it that much more powerful in "Love Happens".

"Everyday". Rogue Wave's cover of "Everyday" manages to pay appropriate homage while putting their spin on the song. "Love Happens" is a perfect place for this song to live. A complex sound scheme carries a classic song by Buddy Holly and makes a connection between the past, the present and hopefully the audience.