Top Chick Flicks

Thursday, August 25 by Cynthia Neatherlin

 Top Chick Flicks

You men are already hip to some of the top chick flicks like “Pretty Woman,” “You’ve Got Mail” and “Thelma and Louise.” However, here's a heads-up. Guy code requires that you not only have seen at least two of these top chick flicks, but own a few as well in order to prove your sensitivity. If you study this cheat sheet and do a little groundwork, you’ll be yards ahead of the game.

“Bridget Jones’s Diary”

Bridget Jones’s Diary Top Chick Flicks

Contrary to popular belief, not all 30-something unmarried women are desperately unhappy; however, Renée Zellweger, who plays lovable Bridget, is so uncomfortably frustrated with her many romantic failures, lackluster career, weight and single status that she decides to chronicle what she calls her “Year of Change.” Bad boy Hugh Grant is her love interest, but she eventually becomes involved in an impracticable triangle with the "dreadfully cold fish" Colin Firth’s character who she secretly finds endearing. Most males may find this quirky chick movie predictable, but this droll, British comedy makes our top chick flicks list because it is so relatable, witty, warm and tender.

“Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood”

Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood  Top Chick Flicks

If you are dating a Southern woman, do not miss this one. Sandra Bullock brilliantly plays the central character, Siddalee. When she receives a scrapbook, she must confront all the old angst with her mother (Ellen Burstyn). There are wicked one-liners about friendship, alcohol, men and growing old, but the all-star cast's ability to capture the complex beauty of the feminine psyche often found between daughters and their mothers makes this one of the top chick flicks of all time.

“Bridges of Madison County”

Bridges of Madison County  Top Chick Flicks

On paper, this chick flick could appear trite, but in director Clint Eastwood’s capable hands, it is anything but. Meryl Streep’s Iowan housewife character lifts the film to profound art as she suffers through family devotion and denies herself one last chance at love. The final scene in the truck tugs powerfully at the heartstrings. In fact, you will swear it is you living through her indecisiveness. The poignant elegance of Streep’s performance of selflessness speaks so eloquently that we defy you not to shed buckets amounts of tears during this masterful scene of divided loyalty.

“Somewhere in Time”

Somewhere in Time Top Chick Flicks

Christopher Reeve is a young writer who, through self-hypnosis, goes back to the turn of the century. He falls completely in love with a portrait of a beautiful stage actress from that time (Jane Seymour) that hangs in the hotel. He finds a way to meet the object of his desire, but the difference in time is only one of their issues they have to overcome. This is one of the top chick flicks that proves yet again that love really does transcend space and time.

“My Life”

My Life  Top Chick Flicks

Michael Keaton’s portrayal of a businessman who finds out he has cancer is unabashedly one of the best chick flicks of all time, as well as the most underrated one. To many women, this is his “Titanic.” Sad to say, he was never even nominated for it. This top chick flick does not shy away from the struggles and underlying issues someone faces when facing the end of their life. It may not be a “feel good” chick flick, but it will make you realize how precious life is. This is a true-to-life tearjearker; don't miss this movie.

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