Made Manual's list of the top 10 thriller movies is just the thing for some spine-tingling fun. Thrillers give audiences a danger-free chance to enjoy a little mystery, suspense and tension from the safety of the darkness of the movie theater. Check out some of these the next time you need some vicarious thrills.

  1. "Sorry, Wrong Number" A sickly, rich woman played by Barbara Stanwyck accidentally overhears two men plotting a murder over a crossed telephone line. In this classic thriller movie, it seems that no one is to be trusted.

  2. "The Rear Window" Alfred Hitchcock made some of the top thriller movies of all time. In this one, an injured man amuses himself by watching his neighbors from the back window of his home and accidentally witnesses a murder.

  3. "Wait Until Dark" Audrey Hepburn stars as a young blind woman who is menaced by a pair of dangerous con men. One of the best parts of this suspenseful thriller movie is seeing the usually sweet actress show a tougher side.

  4. "Play Misty for Me" Before there was "Fatal Attraction," there was "Play Misty for Me." In this thriller movie, Clint Eastwood plays a late night DJ terrorized by an obsessive fan after a one night stand.

  5. "Cape Fear" Robert De Niro is terrifying as an ex-con who shows up to seek revenge on the defense lawyer who he feels ruined his life by failing to submit evidence that might have gotten him off. De Niro begins a vicious game of cat and mouse by first manipulating the legal system just the way he feels his defense attorney is guilty of.

  6. "The Fugitive" The film adaptation of the thriller TV series takes on the story of the wrongly accused Dr. Kimble and his fight to clear his name. While everyone who ever watched the original show knows that a one-armed man did it, the details are a little more complex than that in this conspiracy-oriented thriller movie.

  7. "The Talented Mr. Ripley" Matt Damon is at his creepy and abrasive best in this unusual thriller about a man who almost accidentally becomes a con man. As he becomes more and more entangled in his deceptions, he has to take more and more shocking measures to sustain them.

  8. "Shattered" What if your entire life history was a lie? A man awakens after a car accident with no memory of his previous life. Little by little, he finds that everything that he has remembered does not seem to add up in this mystery thriller movie.

  9. "Silence of the Lambs" A young FBI agent must form a close relationship with one serial killer in order to stop another one. Anthony Hopkins is fantastic as the devious Hannibal Lecter, and you will find yourself drawn in as well.

  10. "Inception" It is hard to keep track of what is real and what is not in this surreal mystery thriller. In a futuristic form of industrial espionage, specially trained experts enter their targets' dreams to uncover secrets or to influence their waking actions.