The top 10 teen romance movies are those movies that will make you pine for a lover (in a feminine, "Twilight" sort of way). If you like to feel breathless at the sight of teen vampires and Robert Pattinson, these movies are for you, too. Remember to watch these movies only after getting in touch with your feminine side.

  1. "A Walk to Remember" The top teen romance movie is this gem from several years ago because it preceded the "Twilight" trend that's all about hype. In this sweet film, high school jock named Landon falls in love with the teen daughter of a minister, but the movie ends when she dies from a medicial condition she's suffering from. Bring your hankies.

  2. "The Princess Bride" This film may be a few decades old, but that fails to diminish its fairy tale prowess. Here, a young guy named Westly has to, rather formulaically, rescue his one true love, Buttercup. Buttercup is being held against her will by the wicked Prince Humperdinck. The movie also features adventure as Westly goes on a long trek to save her.

  3. "Twilight" Okay, "Twilight" makes an appearance at number three on this list of the best teen romance movies only because it's so huge and popular; it seems like every teen girl on earth is into the hype from the marketing on this film! Nonetheless, if the sight of Robert Pattinson's hairless chest, pasty white skin and bony frame make you sigh like you've never sighed before, you will want to watch this and swoon.

  4. "Say Anything" "Say Anything" starred John Cusack and Ione Skye (remember her?!) as two star-crossed lovers/high school graduates who begin a summer romance. However, emotional torment strikes when Skye's character has to go to college in England in the fall, resulting in her breaking it off with Cusack's character. Oh, the heartbreak!

  5. "Dirty Dancing" Another oldie but a goodie, this film starred the late Patrick Swayze and the now-middle aged Jennifer Grey in one of the hottest dancing films ever. It was, however, also an effective teen romance because Baby (Grey) is a teenager on vacation in the Catskills while she gets personal dance lessons from Swayze himself.

  6. "William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet" This film from 1996 starred a young Leo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. It is a twist on old William's tale to be sure, but it does retain the traditional dialog from the play even though it takes place in a more modern setting.

  7. "Tuck Everlasting" Another much smaller and, therefore, possibly sweeter teen romance movie, "Tuck Everlasting" came out some years back, but it melds fantasy with the teen romance genre. The story revolves around an immortal family that kidnaps a teen girl who falls in love (she thinks she knows what love is at that age!) with their teen boy. She's given the chance to join them in immorality, but will she accept?

  8. "A Cinderella Story" Starring Hilary Duff, this movie is a take on the old story of Cinderella. It features Duff in a secret computer messaging relationship with a boy at her school and this movie ends up happily with them together after some trials.

  9. "Can't Buy Me Love" This teen romance movie is all about a lesson in popularity and what really matters. A nerd pays a cool girl one grand to be his girlfriend, but confusion ensues when she begins having the hots for him.

  10. "Valley Girl" What happens when a popular valley girl dates a punk? That's what this teen romance movie tries to answer! This is a film teaching a lesson about being true to yourself instead of what your friends think.