Wondering what the top 10 chick flicks for guys are? When choosing date movies, it is tough because girls want movies made for them but it is hard to find chick flicks for guys to enjoy. When searching, you need to find something with realistic dialogue that doesn't talk down to the guys and offers something men can relate to.

  1. “When Harry Met Sally” – This is one of the better chick flicks for guys. The movie shows two people who meet and become friends. They soon develop feelings for each other but don’t want to ruin a good thing. Guys will love the dialogue, smart and crisp, while never sappy and tedious.

  2. “Jerry Maguire” – Tom Cruise stars in one of the best chick flicks for guys. Girls love the movie for the cheesy one-liners and cute kid. Guys get Cuba Gooding Jr. and football action. The final game makes this a movie most guys will love.

  3. “Moulin Rouge”Musicals, for the most part, are made for women but “Moulin Rouge” is a good pick as one of the chick flicks for guys. The music is amazing, with popular songs remixed into big musical numbers and the quirky sets and characters make it a movie anyone can enjoy.

  4. “An Officer and a Gentleman”Richard Gere stars in one of the better chick flicks for guys. While always centered on the love story, there is a lot of things here to attract guys. This movie is much darker than you would expect for a chick flick.

  5. “Juno” – This movie by Jason Reitman is one of the best chick flicks for guys. It tells the story of a pregnant teenager who decides to give up the baby for adoption to a couple who cannot have kids of their own. The movie has some amazing dialogue and very funny moments, making it an easy watch for guys.

  6. “Cocktail” – The main story of Cocktail is the relationship between characters played by Tom Cruise and Elisabeth Shue and the romance is as cheesy as you might expect. However, it is one of the great chick flicks for guys as well. Most bartenders decided this was the job they wanted because of what they saw in this movie.

  7. “Coyote Ugly” – “Coyote Ugly” is an ultimate chick flick, the story of a small town girl who gets the chance of a lifetime to work in the notorious Coyote Ugly bars. At the same time, it is one of the great chick flicks for guys because, while the girls watch it to feel empowered, guys get hot girls dancing on bars.

  8. “High Fidelity” – John Cusack stars in this movie about a guy counting down his hardest breakups. It is one of the top chick flicks for guys because every guy can relate to Cusack’s character and can feel his pain when each relationship goes up in flames. Plus, it has an amazing soundtrack.

  9. “Princess Bride” – At its heart, “Princess Bride” is a fairy tale movie, the ultimate chick flick. A soon-to-be princess gets kidnapped and a rogue pirate comes to her rescue. However, the humor and hilarious situations make this one of the greatest chick flicks for guys ever made.

  10. “Say Anything...” – John Cusack stars as an everyman who sets out to win over the girl of his dreams. This is one of the better chick flicks for guys because most guys can relate to the plight of Lloyd Dobler. This is one chick flick that is aimed more towards the guys point of view than that of the girls.