The cast of "Eclipse" expertly act as vampires, humans and werewolves. "Eclipse" is the third installment from the "Twilight" series. In this film Bella must choose between Jacob oand Edward to be her lover, all as their graduation date comes closer. From Robert Pattinson to Kristen Stewart, the cast of "Eclipse" have shot into worldwide fame since the "Twilight" phenomenon first hit theaters.

Kristen Stewart.

The leading female character, Bella Swan, is played by Kristen Stewart. Bella is tangled in a love triangle with vampire Edward and werewolf Jacob, and she must choose one man before graduation, all while avoiding being killed by a bloodthirsty group of newborn vampires. Kristen Stewart starred in several movies before "Eclipse" such as "Panic Room" and "The Messengers."

Robert Pattinson.

The dark, broody vampire Edward Cullen is played by Robert Pattinson. Edward fell in love with Bella, but must compete with Jacob for her affection while protecting her from evil forces. Robert Pattinson is known for playing Cedric Diggory in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire."

Taylor Lautner.

Jacob Black, which is the werewolf man from the Quileute Tribe in La Push, is played by Taylor Lautner. "Eclipse" shows Jacob with strong feelings of love, hate and despair as he realizes that he may not win Bella's heart. Taylor Lautner is a martial artist, and started his acting career in 2001 with "Shadow Fury."

Ashley Greene. 

Dainty Alice Cullen is played by Ashley Greene. Alice Cullen is the pixie-like sister of Edward, best friend to Bella and lover to Jasper. She tries everything in her power to protect family and friends by using vampire strength, agility and premonition powers. "Twilight" was the biggest movie break for Ashley Greene.

Bryce Dallas Howard.

The villain of the cast of "Eclipse," Victoria, is played by the red-headed Bryce Dallas Howard. Victoria is pained by the death of her lover at the hands of Edward, so she plans revenge by building an army of newborn vampires. Bryce Dallas Howard has starred in the movies "Lady in the Water" and "The Village."