The "Dear John" cast is compiled of a few well-known actors and actresses that performed beautifully throughout the motion picture. "Dear John" is a moving romance story based on a popular Nicholas Spark novel. A young couple falls in love during the summer, but they are forced to part when one leaves for the army. They must endure and overcome all the challenges of love.

Channing Tatum.

The star of the film, John Tyree, is played by Channing Tatum. A troubled young man with a rebellious past, Tyree falls in love with Savannah Curtis after enlisting in the military. Channing Tatum started his acting career with commercials, and eventually worked his way up to movies such as "Coach Carter" in 2005.

Amanda Seyfried.

Seyfried is as important to the "Dear John" cast as Channing Tatum, because she plays the female lead Savannah Curtis. Savannah Curtis is a college student visiting John's hometown for the summertime, and she unexpectedly falls in love with him. Amanda Seyfried had plenty of movies on her resume before Dear John; "Mamma Mia!" and "Mean Girls" are her most popular pieces.

Richard Jenkins.

Mr. Tyree, John's father, is played by Richard Jenkins. Richard Jenkins expertly acts out Mr. Tyree's autism, coin collecting obsession and difficulty with communication. Recently, Richard Jenkins starred in the popular motion picture "Burn After Reading". He started his acting career in 1982 with the cop movie "Parole".

Henry Thomas. 

Henry Thomas was cast as Tom Wheddon. Suffering from melanoma, Tom Wheddon must rely on Savannah for help throughout the movie. Henry Thomas began his acting career with "Raggedy Man" in 1985, and his most popular films are "Red Velvet" and "The Deal".

D.J. Cotrona.

Noodles, who is one of John's closest army buddies, is played by D.J. Cotrona. Before "Dear John", he acted in "Venom" and several television shows.

-Bethany Corder