These 10 recommended chick flicks for guys feature movies that add a mix of humor, adult situations and other guy favorite themes into the otherwise movie made for girls. These movies feature sports themes, raunchy humor and action and make the movie bearable for men to watch when their woman wants something tailored for her tastes.

“Jerry Maguire”Tom Cruise stars in this movie that turns a typical chick flick into a movie for guys. The addition of football brings guys to the mix. Not only is it about football, but players like Troy Aikman and Warren Moon make cameo appearances.

“Bull Durham” – This is another chick flick for guys that is on the list thanks to sports. Kevin Costner is a baseball catcher asked to mentor the new hotshot pitcher, played by Tim Robbins. The movie is about Costner’s relationship with a baseball groupie but it is also full of great baseball action.

“The Wedding Singer” – Any romantic movie starring Adam Sandler makes it a perfect chick flick for guys and “The Wedding Singer” is the best of the group. Sandler plays a wedding singer who is dumped and soon meets a sweet girl played by Drew Barrymore. The movie is a typical Sandler movie, full of guy humor.

“Cocktail” – Tom Cruise stars as a bartender in this chick flick for guys. The movie focuses on his relationship with a girl and there is plenty in here for the girls. However, it is also a movie that made an entire generation of guys want to become bartenders.

“Groundhog Day”Bill Murray stars as a news reporter who has to live the same day over and over again. The story revolves around his relationship with a girl but the movie is smart, witty and full of great humor that makes it a perfect chick flick for guys.

“High Fidelity” – This movie is about what it is like to get dumped as John Cusack stars as a record story owner who counts down his five worst breakups. The movie is more geared towards guys than girls which makes it a perfect chick flick for guys.

“Out of Sight”George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez bring the star power and sexual tension to this movie, a chick flick disguised as an action movie. Clooney is an escaped prisoner on the run and Lopez is the lawwoman sent to bring him in. The two fall in love and end up on the run for their lives.

“The Princess Bride” – This is a great chick flick for guys, a fairy tale movie about a princess and the pirate who loves her. What makes it great is the humor, the action and sword fights and the ridiculous situations they end up involved in. Plus, the movie has an appearance by legendary WWF superstar, Andre the Giant.

“Say Anything” – John Cusack stars in this chick flick for guys as a guy who falls in love and has to prove himself to her and her family. Things get out of hand when the girls dad is investigated by the FBI and the movie becomes more than you might expect.

“Tin Cup” – This is another Kevin Costner movie that adds sports to make the chick flick movie for guys as well as girls. In this movie, Costner plays a house golfer who gets the chance to play in a PGA tour event. The movie shows his relationship with a girl build but it is more about the golfing for guys in the audience.

-Shawn Lealos