Are you sure you want to read this awesome "Shutter Island" spoiler? Alright then, don't say we didn't warn you! Released in 2010, "Shutter Island" is a psychological-thriller directed by Martin Scorsese. "Shutter Island" stars Leonardo DiCaprio as U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels and Ben Kingsley as Dr. John Cawley, the former a nervous federal agent assigned to investigate the disappearance of an insane patient and the latter a doctor who is head of the mental hospital. Let's go over the plot summary in the following "Shutter Island" spoiler, shall we?

The setting. As Marshal Teddy Daniels and his partner, Marshal Chuck Aule, land upon the island, they gaze upon the eerie mental hospital before them. Located on "Shutter Island" in Boston Harbor, the hospital has three wards and a lighthouse. The officials are told that their weapons must be confiscated while on the premises. It is made clear the Daniels still has flashbacks to the death of his wife in an arson done by a current patient in "Ward C": Andrew Laeddis.

The marshals search for the missing patient. Rachel Solando (the missing patient), according to Dr. Cawley, was put on Shutter Island for murdering her children. Teddy and Chuck interview members of her group therapy session, only to get odd responses, vague answers, and warnings to flee the premises. Eventually, Dr. Cawley informs the marshals that Rachel has been found.

The inspectors meet "Solando". The woman placed before the two detectives is delusional, mistaking Daniels for her dead husband. This brings flashbacks to Teddy about both his wife and his service in World War II. In an effort to find out the real truth behind the institution, Teddy and Chuck begin to head to the lighthouse, only for Aule to give up and leave. Teddy doesn't make it to the lighthouse, but hides underneath the cliff to accidentally meet the actual Rachel Solando. She warns of the dangers of the hospital and the staff who run tests on them. Teddy is now determined to bring the hospital down.

Daniels learns the truth. Chasing Dr. Cawley through the hospital and eventually to the light house, Daniels opens up the building only to find no torture machines, hidden chambers, or secrets. He runs up the flights of stairs to a room with Dr. Cawley in it. The doctor begins to explain to Teddy: his name isn't actually Teddy Daniels, his name is Andrew Laeddis (the man who "killed" his wife in an "arson"). The real Laeddis (Leonardo DiCaprio) came home one day to his manically depressive wife only to find out that she had murdered their three children. In a fit of rage, Andrew murdered his wife right there and has since made memory blocks to prevent himself for living in that awful reality, going in and out of 'cycles' after finding out the truth. Andrew faints after a period of flashbacks.

Andrew wakes up. The next morning "Chuck" (actually Andrew's psychiatrist) hopes that Laeddis comes back to reality, because if he doesn't the hospital staff will give him a lobotomy. At first, Laeddis seems to have snapped back to his alter-ego "U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels". His psychiatrist confirms to the orderlies that Teddy indeed has gone back into a state of delusion. As he is being escorted to his lobotomy, Andrew asks his psychiatrist (formerly "Chuck") whether it is better to "live as a monster, or die as a good man", thus hinting that he knew about the reality and wanted to be lobotomized.

"Shutter Island" has a great number of twists throughout its plot. Indeed, upon hearing the "Shutter Island" spoiler, do you believe that Andrew was right to do that to himself? Could he have been saved? Is it truly better to "die as a good man" than "live as a monster"? Now that you've read the "Shutter Island" spoiler, feel free to talk about or debate it with your friends.