Serbian Film Quotes: Brilliance from Eastern Europe

Saturday, September 24 by Frost

Words in any language hold power, and this is clearly evident in these Serbian film quotes. From the depths of violence to the peace within, words mix with the visual and allow cinema to tell a spectrum of stories. Run these words past your lips and see if they interest you in these foreign films:

"After a while, their trauma; that small, easily opened crack, makes them see things that don't exist." Mademoiselle voices her thoughts on the creation of a victim and how trauma is the keyhole to opening the door to terror. This academic statement makes for one of the eeriest quotes from a Serbian film. "Martyrs" is at its heart a movie about seeking revenge for an injustice. Revenge often doesn't go solo and so it finds itself walking into encounters with horror and psychological manipulation. A terrifying look into the mind of a manipulator who uses their influence not to achieve charity or compassion but rather to keep a steady stream of victims through active and willing participation gives the world an excellent Serbian movie..

"Once upon a time… there was a country." Sure it's a simple line, but it's the start of the story that holds the power in this quote. Hear the words "Once upon a time" and most are instantly transported into their childhood where they were read stories and saw movies that often had this fairytale beginning. A film that focuses on Serbian history since World War II, "Underground" might war with your perspective but that's because it doesn't want you to agree rather it wants you to see how your thoughts match up with the thoughts of its characters and timeline.

"I wanted to take a vow of silence, like you. But this heavenly beauty merits words." Vows aren' taken lightly because they are a bond between you and a person, a greater power or even your own self. "Before the Rain" transposes romance and violence and yet doesn't mute the colors of each, instead both maintain vibrant colors on this palate of Serbian film. A movie well worth taking a bite out of to see if it suits your tastes.

"They give themselves up. They transcend themselves. They are transfigured." This time the character of Mademoiselle speaks of martyrs and not victims, though to her the distinction might not be that great. "Martyrs" doesn't pull punches especially with its lines. Every line seems to have been placed with care much like someone assembling a ship in a bottle; one misstep and the end result is ruined. Fear is served best when the minds behind it are well spoken and can get out more than guttural groans and grunts.

"I was a professional assassin?" Most cases of amnesia normally end up with the patient having a career that fits more with the norms of society, but not in "The Fourth Man". It's strange how many amnesiacs end up being soldiers of fortune or very important people in film, be it Serbian or not. Watch the protagonist, Lazar, be led down a dark path into reentering his past to gain any kind of purpose in his hole filled present. An enjoyable Serbian film that doesn' break any new ground but won't disappoint either as it is well written and acted with a good twist inside.

-Matthew Lagenfeld

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