If you’re looking for an emotional knockout punch, the saddest movies of all time will leave you depressed long after the closing credits. With plots full of misery, loss and death, these sad movies are stuffed with intense feelings that are impossible to resist.

  1. “Leaving Las Vegas” This award-winning 1995 movie is one of the saddest of the decade. Nicholas Cage turns in a heart-wrenching performance as an alcoholic determined to drink himself to death in Las Vegas. When he meets Elizabeth Shue’s prostitute character, the two share an odd love based on self-loathing.

  2. “The Notebook” A favorite of almost every woman on the planet, this sad movie is as sentimental as it is depressing. In this 2004 movie, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams play lovers from differing social backgrounds. The ending is the saddest part of the movie, featuring a sweet and sappy resolution to the story.

  3. “Titanic” Sticking with the poor-guy-rich-girl formula, this sad 1997 movie showcased the impending doom of a romance aboard the famous ship. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet share spectacular chemistry as they fall in love during the movie, making the sad ending that much more effective.

  4. “The Red Violin” As the most overlooked member of the saddest movies of all time, this 1998 film deserves all the praise it can get. The movie is sad from the very beginning, telling the story of a violin maker who loses his wife and baby during childbirth. Crippled with grief, he varnishes a violin with their blood. The plot then follows the violin’s sad and enigmatic journey across the centuries, leaving heartbreak and loss to all who own it.

  5. “The Green Mile” Stephen King novels don’t usually translate well to the screen, but this sad 1999 movie is an exception. Tom Hanks plays a Depression-era guard on Death Row. The plot takes an intriguing turn when an inmate who seems to have supernatural powers joins the cell block. Full of death and hardship, this movie is sad from start to finish.

  6. “Schindler’s List” Beautifully shot by master director Steven Spielberg, this 1993 movie tells the sad story of a German factory owner who saves many Jewish people by employing them during World War II. As a haunting and realistic account of the unimaginable hardships during the war, this movie is one of the saddest you’ll ever see.

  7. “Million Dollar Baby” With his hardened and grisly demeanor, Clint Eastwood is perfect for sad movies. In this 2004 film, Eastwood plays a trainer helping Hillary Swank’s boxer character to achieve success in the ring. The movie’s conclusion is as unexpected as it is tragic, proving that a sad ending can leave a lasting impression.

  8. “Boyz n the Hood” Celebrated for its gritty and uncompromising depiction of street life in South Central Los Angeles, this 1991 film is among the saddest movies of all time. Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Ice Cube star as longtime friends who get caught in the crossfire of gang warfare. Surrounded by hopelessness and poverty, their prospects for survival become increasingly limited.

  9. “I Am Legend” Funnyman Will Smith isn’t usually heralded for his dramatic efforts, but this sad 2007 movie showcases his talent for deeper emotion. Smith spends much of the movie alone, as the last New York resident alive after a viral apocalypse. Sadness covers underlying plot elements of danger and sci-fi intrigue as he laments the loss of his loved ones and former way of life.

  10. “Braveheart” Before his off-screen antics became tabloid fodder, Mel Gibson was appearing in emotionally riveting movies. In this sad 1995 epic, Gibson stars as a Scottish hero who takes a stand against the English in the 13th century. With major overtones of war, poverty and death, this sad movie will wreak havoc on your emotions.