A storm of emotions and a painful divorce lead to the best "The Last Song" quotes. Divorce can affect more than just the couple going through the experience and it can leave a wake of pain. Be ready to be emotionally available and have a shoulder to cry on as you experience these lines:

"We'd better maintain visual contact." In a society where kids have huge video game kill counts, military expressions tend to bleed through. Few things as funny as little kids talking like wizened officers planning a battlefield strategy. One of the funnier quotes from "The Last Song."

"You have dibs. You married her first." "Dibs" to a kid are more powerful than any legal contract. "Dibs" are the "shotgun" of the not yet driving set. A perfect kid philosophy on love and relationships.

"Truth only means something when it's hard to admit." If truth were the easiest thing to say, lies would only exist to keep birthday parties secret. The cost of truth heightens either the reward or the punishment depending on what the consequence turns out to be. The beauty of this statement makes this an eloquent quote from "The Last Song."

"Because I thought you would like her as much as I do, scars and all." If a body is the roadmap, scars mark the places that will never be forgotten. If you only want to love for where someone is going and not where someone has been, it might be time to reassess the commitment. A line from "The Last Song" that sums up a deeper shade of love.

"It's the Pissed at Men syndrome." Kids observe and sometimes share these observations with everyone. An astute deduction that should make every man and woman laugh. A quote that brings the funny side of things to "The Last Song."

"We make mistakes; we're not perfect—any of us." A true statement until the first perfect person shows up on Earth. Until then everyone will just have to deal with their own imperfections. Flaws lose their power if people take ownership of their failings.

"Your sister just got kissed. It's all over her face." A funny little pun that speaks to the audience. The joy of a simple kiss brings its own special glow and to hide it can make it shine even brighter. A cute moment and a cuter quote from "The Last Song."

"Sometimes it makes you love them more." Distance can weaken or heighten an emotion. People are tactile beings and touch makes connections that can't be achieved via phone and email. This is "The Last Song" line that makes you remember to treasure both those near and far away.

"Love is fragile and we're not always its best caretakers." Love can grow or die away and it's up to the people who share it to determine which path love takes. A powerful statement on the fragility of emotion. The realization that love isn't just for the other person to maintain makes for a tender moment within the film.

"Please know that none of what happened between your mother and me had anything to do with you." Just because children should know that they aren't the reason for their parent's divorce doesn't mean they believe it. Sometimes parents need to make it clear and understood that the children aren't at fault in order to erase any blame they might be burdened with. A simple sentence but at its heart is a father's realization he can still protect his children from at least some of the pain in the world.