If your girlfriend is making you watch "Pride and Prejudice," you can pretend that you are paying attention by checking out our cheat sheet of "Pride and Prejudice" characters. These are the major players in the story. Take good notes on these characters, because, after you've snoozed through the movie, you can pretend you know what you are talking about. Just one warning here: there will be some spoilers in this "Pride and Prejudice" characters list, so, don't read this if you intend to be surprised by the events in the film. (You wouldn't really complain about someone spoiling a movie adapted from a 200 year old novel, would you?)

  1. Elizabeth Bennett, played by Kiera Knightly, is the second oldest Bennett sister. This character is intelligent and quick-witted. Although she is originally quite taken with charming George Wickham, she eventually sees the merits of stiff but ethical Darcy.

  2. Jane Bennett, the eldest Bennett sister, meets their neighbor Charles and quickly develops feelings for him. Rosamund Pike plays her with intelligence and reserve.

  3. Lydia Bennett, played by Jena Malone, is the youngest and most frivolous Bennett daughter. She enjoys any sort of excitement. She eventually runs off with George Wickham.

  4. Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy is Charles Bingley's snobbish best friend. Matthew McFayden portrays him in the film, and captures Darcy's stiff demeanor perfectly. This "Pride and Prejudice" character first meets the Bennett sisters at a party, and judges them harshly. He is, at the beginning of the novel, very concerned with class differences. After he finds himself falling in love with headstrong Elizabeth, he does what he can to improve the situation of the Bennett family.

  5. Charles Bingley is the Bennetts' shy but kind neighbor. Simon Woods plays him with an easy, unpretentious charm. This "Pride and Prejudice" character is easygoing and does not share his sister's and Darcy's obsession with social class.

  6. Miss Bingley, played by Kelly Reilly, is Charles' sister, and has her eye on the wealthy Darcy. She is afraid of Charles marrying beneath his station, so, she tries to keep Charles and Jane apart.

  7. George Wickham, portrayed by Rupert Friend, is one of the "Pride and Prejudice" characters who only shows up briefly, but has a huge impact on the Bennett family. Elizabeth is originally quite taken with him because of his wit and charm. However, his unsavory character eventually becomes a turn-off for her. He and Lydia run away together.

  8. Mr. Collins is the man who will most likely inherit the Bennett estate. Tom Hollander plays the snobbish and stiff character who initially comes to the area with the intent of courting one of the Bennett sisters.

  9. Charlotte Lucas, played by Claudie Blakley, is Elizabeth's friend. This character is logical and practical. Mr. Collins proposes to her and she accepts because she sees it as an opportunity to have a comfortable living.