Guns in movies play an integral role for so many genres from action to mystery to westerns to articulate violence to many audiences. Movies takes the notion of the smoking gun to new hieghts as characters solve their problems with the use of a bullet. Many plots revolve around guns place in the world and its consequences when people interact with the weapon in their lives for whatever reason. The theme of justice typically plays a strong role in certain movies as the main characters try and reconcile a wrong with the use of intense fire power to eliminate the issue. Movies involve guns as a tool not only to battle an enemy but also tell a morale tale about how something as destructive affects society and justice.

"Lord of War." Nicolas Cage plays Yuri Orlov, who sells guns to anyone with the bankroll in order to purchase his tools of destruction. A federal agent pursues him as he rises from pushing weapons to mobsters in the 80's to an African warlord in the 90's. Yuri Orlov begins to ponder the wrongs of his profession amidst his supermodel wife and younger brother, Vitaly.

"Punisher: War Zone." Ray Stevenson is the comic book hero that avenges the death of his family with guns and lots of bullets. Frank Castle wages a one man war against crime where death is the only punishment for any evildoer. His exploits for justice accidently kills an undercover agent which makes him contemplate continuing the fight as a fearsome foe arises named Jigsaw.

"Death Sentence." A corporate executive Nick Hume (Kevin Bacon) witnessed his son's murder at the hands of lowlife thugs. He goes out one day and takes revenge against one of the group responsible for the crime that brings the ire of the gang leader. His shattered life leads the man to a desperate attempt to assassinate all those involved with a cache of guns to gain some semblance of justice.

"Last Man Standing." The town of Jericho is split between the Irish and Italian gangs during Prohibition era Texas. Bruce Willis' mysterious John Smith enters the fray with guns in tow to try and parlay his own slice of the action. Soon, his ambitions turn to a sense of honor to help fre the town of the criminals who have corrupted the people with their gangster ways.