After watching this indie hit, some of you may need a "Donnie Darko" explanation. The "Donnie Darko" tale is a weird one. The movie shows all it's scenes in reverse. Donnie Darko himself is a rather disturbed child. He sees visions of the the total destruction of the world. He struggles to figure out just how to save the planet. And guiding Donnie Darko is an erie rabbit character. So, what does it all mean?

The surface. For some people, they'll be satisfied in the fact that a school outcast, i.e. Donnie Darko is given a cool gift of foresight. A lot like the comic book heroes in your youth, Donnie Darko is an unlikely heroic figure that ultimately comes through and saves a lot of people in the end.

Faith based. Some people take it a step further and liken Donnie Darko's character to a Jesus-like figure. If you recall, it's Donnie's crazy hallucinations that save him from the jet engine smashing him to bits in his room. It's these same hallucinations that lead him on a journey of self discovery as well as educating him on the end of the world. Along the way he experiences major tragedies from the death of his girlfriend to many other horrific events. In the end, Donnie falls through a time loop, or warp, or what have you and sacrifices himself. You can easily see the similarities between Donnie Darko and Jesus, if you want to look at it that way. Jesus realized that without dying for people's indiscretions, they had no chance of survival. If Jesus would've decided to side step his fate, people would be doomed.

What happened. The audience learns, just as Donnie Darko does, that his very existence is what causes the string of tragedies to befall the people of his town. Donnie Darko realizes that he needed to be crushed by that jet engine. He knows that by sacrificing himself, his world can continue to exist. By sacrificing himself those that he cared about could live on. So call him a Jesus figure, call him a super hero, whatever. The most important fact about the "Donnie Darko" film is that it rocked, and it made you think.

-Brian Bush