While the Twilight saga is actually known more for its sparkly vampires and dreamy looks, there are also quite a few great "New Moon" quotes that have come out of that series. It can be hard to really know the best "New Moon" quotes because they are usually so woodenly delivered, but they are indeed out there, you just have to look close enough. We looked close enough and found the best "New Moon" quotes so you don't really have to spend any time searching.

"I love you. You're my only reason to stay alive... if that's wha I am." - Edward Cullen: While this is one of the best "New Moon" quotes because it sets the stage for the entire series, imagine if he had delivered it with a sense of irony. Cullen's moody vampire finds a reason to stop moping once he meets Bella and millions of "Twihards" sighed in unison.

"Vampires have laws?" - Bella Swan: The way this quote was delivered makes it among the top "New Moon" quotes. The only way it would have been even better is if it was delivered in a comical way. This quote comes along as Bella learns about Edward's world and realizes she has quite a bit to learn yet.

"Every second that I'm with you is about restraint...and you're too fragile." - Edward Cullen: Of all the "New Moon" quotes, this particular line sums up the entire relationship between Bella and Edward, because it cuts to the core of the problem with their romantic entanglement. Edward's statement about Bella being fragile could actually be applied to her physically and emotionally, considering her complete meltdown when they are briefly apart.

"Guess, the wolf's out of the bag." - Embry Call: Call delivers this line with just the right amount of dry wit. The movie really lacks in humor from the main characters and because of this, even relatively innocent comments from side characters get held up as hugely comical.

"Age is just a number babe. What are you now, 40?" - Jacob Black: Jacob says this to Bella when they are figuring out there real ages. Jacob's body had developed more quickly than a normal teenager and Bella was dumbfounded by his muscles as he just lifts a motorcycle out of the back of his truck.

-Oliver VanDervoort