Just about anyone can name the main characters in the best-selling "Twilight" novel series, but Edward and Bella aren't the only participants in this much-loved story -- as this rundown of "New Moon" characters shows. "New Moon" is the second movie in the "The Twilight Saga," continuing where "Twilight" left off with a very dark twist -- Bella is attacked by a member of Edward's own family. The key characters in "New Moon:"

  1. Bella Swan. Played by Kristen Stewart, Bella (not a vampire) creates the core of the story when she falls for Edward Cullen (who is a vampire.) Bella's parents are divorced and she lives with her father, Charlie, in Forks, Washington. This is where she meets Edward, shifting the trajectory of her life forever.

  2. Edward Cullen. Edward's transition into vampire hood was borne of tragedy. At the age of seventeen in his hometown of Chicago, Edward fell deathly ill to a rare strain of Spanish flu. Out of desperation, Edward's mother begs a doctor to do everything in her power to save him. It just so happens the doctor is a vampire. "New Moon" character Edward Cullen is played by Robert Pattinson.

  3. Dr. Carlisle Cullen. The doctor who saved Edward from almost certain death, Carlisle Cullen is the force at the head of a group of vampires. As a young man in the 1600s in London, Carlisle heard tales from his father about vampires and werewolves. Learning of a group of vampires in the sewer, Carlisle gathers a group to attack, but he falls and is bitten. Dr. Cullen resists the temptation to feed on humans, instead killing animals. Carlisle is played by Pater Facinelli. 

  4. Jacob Black. In "New Moon," Jacob Black, played by Taylor Lautner, becomes a key part of the Twilight saga. He is Bella's best friend who suddenly finds himself transforming into a werewolf. Jacob comforts Bella after she and Edward have a falling out.

  5. Esme Cullen. Esme is Dr. Cullen's wife and is admired by Bella. According to the books she was born in 1895 in Columbus, Ohio. Esme met Carlisle as a youth after falling out of a tree and breaking her leg. Later, despondent after losing a son, she attempts suicide but is saved and converted to a vampire in the morgue by Carlisle. Esme is extremely accepting of Bella and deeply loves Edward. Esme is played by Elizabeth Reaser.

  6. Alice Cullen. Edward's adopted brother, Alice also embraces Bella into the Carlisle family. Alice is prescient of the future and uses her power to help Bella many times, including as a character in "New Moon." Alice is described in the novel as "pixie-like" - a modern girl who loves shopping. She is played by Ashley Greene.

-Ben Rand