Find out who actually fairs best when it comes to the "New Moon" cast. Stephenie Meyer, author of The "Twilight" Saga, remains on fire with "Twilight"'s vampire slash werewolf love story. A love story that began within a book and ended up a big screen success. Now, let's lasso the "New Moon" cast with the top five in mind. 

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson selectively bites as women run into his path. However, "New Moon"'s Edward Cullen remains interested in the only woman he can't have. Typical male behavior in a not so typical vampire flick. Pattinson's character is more than just a performance. It's eye candy. Add that messy hairstyle, deep voice, and smooth walk with an actor such as Robert Pattinson and heaven can wait. But watching "New Moon" can't!

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart is again faced with multiple choices between Edward, her love, and Jacob, his pet. Does she turn into a vampire and spend eternity not having children with Edward or follow Jacob's tail in hopes he doesn't bite her? Tough decisions. The character of Bella is showered with reserved attention by her two main fellows, or as the script shows one and a half. Stewart offers a reserve in her own dark smooth fashion. Not the usual perky mainstream portrayal, Bella Swan is designed to think for herself in "New Moon". A nice addition to add with all of those beautiful special effects.

Taylor Lautner.

Taylor Lautner is more known for his hard rock abs and butter loving chest than his werewolf pose. But one has to admit, the character of Jacob Black does a howling job compared to American Werewolf of London. Jacob Black was an ingredient to evolve "New Moon" to the hit it continues to be today. "New Moon"'s battle scenes mark the movie's highlights. Although most often wonder why Lautner didn't just bounce the bad vampires off of his massive hunk chest. But then the movie may be lucky to reach an hour in length.

Ashley Greene.

Ashley Greene offers little girls a new hairstyle and refreshing attitude to go along with need to feed on human blood in her portrayal of Alice Cullen. Go ask Alice seems to be the key additive in "New Moon". Alice knows many things inside of her head. Ashley Greene portrays Alice beautifully. Unique and appealing, Alice defines the one with a vision. And what vampire movie wouldn't include the mind reading story teller? Meet Alice.  Another "New Moon" character bringing more to the big screen.

Billy Burke.

Billy Burke is the cool daddy trying to understand his child and her need for distance. Just as in "Eclipse", Billy Burke offers the down to earth security twist that every movie usually includes. But with "New Moon", casting gets high marks from me for hiring Burke. They could have gone with an obnoxious character portrayal but remained true to the book character. This character defines the small town guy trying to make a difference in a small town world as his daughter decides on whether to become a vampire or a human.