The most disturbing movies are always movies that we cannot help to turn away from. Some disturbing movies are gory, scary or psychologically damaging. These movies are shocking and should be watched with caution.

  1. "The Exorcist" "The Exorcist" is labeled as one of the scariest movies of all time. The story is about a girl who becomes possessed and the priest that exorcises her. The movie contains unforgettable scenes such as the little girl walking down the stairs backward, shouting obscenities and doing inappropriate things with a crucifix (all while possessed).

  2. "The Hills Have Eyes" The 2006 remake is certainly not for the faint of heart. The movie is about a family who is traveling and terrorized by mutated people living out in the desert. The disturbing movie features relentless blood and gore. One character is raped and others are brutally killed. When you're done with this movie, the images will never be done with you.

  3. "A Clockwork Orange" This movie, although very poetic, is deeply disturbing. The movie follows a group of Londoners who like to beat up, murder and rape people just for kicks. This movie is considered a classic because of all of its political statements. The movie features extreme violence and is not for the faint of heart.

  4. "Hard Candy" This movie is not gory at all but is emotionally traumatizing. The story is about a girl who is lured into a man's house. The girl then seeks revenge on the man she thinks is a potential pedophile in a vicious cat and mouse game. Some of the movie torture scenes are vicious, but the movie sparks more debate and sickening feeling of the rottenness possible in the human soul. 

  5. "Requiem for a Dream" This disturbing movie is hailed as one of the most true to life depiction of drug addiction ever. The movie follows three friends and one of the friend's mother into the downward spiral of drug addiction. Some of the movie images of their journey down into drug addiction are so horrific you are likely never to forget it. The last shot is a horrific montage of what happens to all of these addicts by the end of the movie. The movie is a very brutal portrayal of a life wasted to drugs. It is great for people who like movies that feature realism.