There are many memorable love quotes from "The Notebook," a semi-love tragedy that gripped the hearts of many Americans since its premiere in 2004. A passionate young man from a less than fortunate financial background falls for a upper-class young woman in an effort to offer her a sense of freedom from a structured lifestyle. A hot and steamy love affair develops that eventually crumbles apart due to the same social statuses that brought them together. After some time transpires, the couple reunites in a memorable drama that has reshaped the expectations of young lovebirds search for their soul mates.

  1. Noah and Allie dance at the traffic light. One of the prominent scenes and love quotes from "The Notebook" takes place at a traffic light on the couples first date after carelessly lying down in the middle the road. Noah jolts up and asks Allie to dance. Noah starts humming, "bum, bum, bum, bum," which prompts Allie to laugh and sarcastically criticizes him as a "bad singer." She also claims that she likes the song playing the background, which signifies the romantic "theme" song of any newborn relationship.

  2. Allie inquires with Noah about her past life. Allie takes to the waves on another memorable scene from "The Notebook." This emotional scene surely entranced the viewer with a butterflies-in-stomach reaction as Allie asks Noah if she could have been a bird in a past life with allusions drawn to reincarnation. Noah replies "if you're a bird, I'm a bird," which really portrays the lovebird parallels.

  3. Noah returns after finishing his enrollment from the Army. The unforgettable reconciliation after returning from enrollment in the Army tacks "The Notebook" as one of the greater movies in cinematic history. Allie approaches Noah after he pulls in the boat while it down pours on the separated and unsuspecting soul mates. Allie promptly demands an answer as to why Noah never attempted to write her. Noah retorts that he wrote her every day for an entire year before giving up. The two cling together in a passionate love-making scene that would continue the old relationship that apparently "wasn't over."

  4. Noah and Allie fight. The infamous fight scene showed the complexity of this breathtaking relationship. Noah explains to Allie that fighting is part of their chemistry. "You tell me when I'm being an arrogant son-of-a-bitch, and I tell you that you are being a pain the ass, which you are 99 percent of the time!" exclaims Noah. "But, Go! Go! I lost you once, I think I can do it again if that's what you really wanted, but don't take the easy way out!"

  5. Noah demands Allie to jump into the water. Noah knows Allie better than she knows herself. He makes this pretty obvious in the many love quotes in "The Notebook." In fact, Noah knows that Allie only feels boredom around her fiancé. After a few days of getting her used to having him around, Noah has her back into doing the fun activities that she missed while living under strict expectations from her upper-class family. Noah actually gets Allie to jump from a swing-rope and into a lake with a bunch of friends. "Get in the Water!" screams Noah. " "I can't!" exclaims Allie. "I'm sorry baby, please get in the water."