The "Crazy Heart" soundtrack song list is one of the most impressive parts of the award-winning movie except for Jeff Bridges's performance, of course. As this film is about a washed-up musician who is literally wasting away and trying to get his life back together, the soundtrack hit home for a lot of talented musicians out there who helped to put it together with producer T-Bone Burnett. Check out this "Crazy Heart" soundtrack song list with the names of the songs and the artists who performed them. A few of them may surprise you.

"Somebody Else" A sad, downtrodden country song; one which you would expect to hear in a roadside bar. This song off the "Crazy Heart" soundtrack song list is the first song Jeff Bridges sings in the film as the washed-up country musician. This song shows his talent as a musician, both in real life and through his character.

"I Don't Know" This song is by Ryan Bingham, one of the rising stars off this soundtrack. Bingham's fast-paced music and lilting voice is something you might listen to when cruising down the highway in your pickup truck. This song off the "Crazy Heart" soundtrack song list occurs when Bad, Jeff Bridges's character, goes outside to puke after drinking all night.

"Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way?" Not surprisingly, this is an old school country song like Hank Williams would play. This song off the "Crazy Heart" soundtrack song list occurs when Bad is making the road trip to Phoenix, reflecting the country tradition of writing songs about being on the road as a musician. This song is written and performed by classic country musician Waylon Jennings, making it even more authentic for this film's soundtrack.

"Gone, Gone, Gone" This song has more of a new sound with more electric guitars and production compared to the songs we are used to listening to. This song off the "Crazy Heart" soundtrack song list is sung by Colin Farrell, who plays Tommy, Bad's much more successful protege. It shows Bad's influence on Tommy and how his music is more popular and different then Bad's, though not necessarily better. 

"The Weary Kind" This song off the "Crazy Heart" soundtrack song list is first sung by Bad as he's laying in bed, truly suffering. It is the theme song for "Crazy Heart" and is the most popular song off the soundtrack and winner of the Academy Award. It was written and performed by Ryan Bingham and T-Bone Burnett at the end of the soundtrack and is one of the more beautiful country songs released in the last few years.