Lawyer movies with awesome action scenes brings the drama out of the courthouse and sees the fighting for their client's case. Awesome action scenes are never typically associated with lawyer movies, but nothing shows greater impact than a good chase scene once in a while. Courtroom scenes featuring lawyers make for compelling movies so sprinkling a few action scenes in between never hurts as long as they're awesome. Awesome movies find a way to mix great action and strong-willed lawyers both in and out of the courthouse to dramatic effect. Lawyer movies with awesome action scenes never stop to entertain audiences looking for a little more than just stuffy legal procedural.

  1. "The Firm." Tom Cruise starred as a young, ambitious lawyer who is recruited to a prestigious law firm, but soon things begin to unravel from the true nature of the practice. Two of his colleagues from the firm end up killed and now the FBI wants his help to investigate the corruption within the firm that may jeopardize everything in his life. Sydney Pollack directed this taut thriller as the young lawyer runs for his life against the firm's powerful influence in order to protect the ones he loves.

  2. "Rules of Engagement." Tommy Lee Jones and Samuel L. Jackson are Vietnam war veterans Hodges and Childers who survived a traumatic experience years ago. After opening fire on civilians alleged to be armed, Childers goes to trial for murder and asks for the help of his old friend, Hodges, to defend him. William Friedkin helms this military drama where the conflict in the courtroom are just as intense as it is in war.  

  3. "A Few Good Men." A Navy lawyer, Tom Cruise, takes the case of two marines who killed their fellow soldier under the orders of their superiors in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Their case becomes complicated when witnesses are few and far to come by or unwilling to provide any evidence to absolve both men which may hinge on an admission from Colonel Jessup, Jack Nicholson. Rob Reiner leads the all star cast with Demi Moore, Keifer Sutherland, Kevin Pollak and Kevin Bacon in this courtroom thriller about the thin line between honor and duty.

  4. "A Time to Kill." John Grisham's explosive novel comes to life about a father, Samuel L. Jackson, on trial after killing two suspects who brutally raped his young daughter. An inexperienced trial lawyer, Matthew McConaughey, takes on the case that has the locals in an uproar as well as racists who intend to do harm to his family. Joel Schumacher directed this adaptation about the complex nature of justice through the law and action.