Lawyer movies that don’t suck need to provide interesting cases and a smart script to elevate it above the countless television shows about attorneys. The movies on this list include some of the best actors of all time, working with some amazing scripts to help these movies remain interesting, exciting and intelligent theatrical experiences.

  1. “To Kill a Mockingbird” – This movie remains one of the greatest films of all time and is easily one of the best lawyer movies that don’t suck. Gregory Peck stars as Atticus Finch, an attorney who defends a black man falsely accused of assaulting a white woman. The movie won three Oscars.

  2. “JFK”Oliver Stone dissects the murder of President John F. Kennedy in this highly controversial movie. Kevin Costner stars as the lawyer who takes on the Warren Commission, trying to debunk their proof that only one man was responsible for shooting the president that fateful day in Dallas.

  3. “A Time to Kill” – The first novel by former attorney John Grisham was turned into one of the best lawyer movies that don’t suck. Joel Schumacher directs the film about a pair of attorneys played by Matthew McConaughey and Sandra Bullock who defend a father who murders the men who raped his daughter.

  4. “Amistad” – This movie is about the trial of a group of Africans who fought for their freedom aboard a slave ship. Matthew McConaughey stars as the lawyer who defends them, originally as a property law case. This is one of the best lawyer movies that don’t suck and was nominated for four Oscars.

  5. “My Cousin Vinny” – This is easily one of the lawyer movies that don’t suck thanks to the sharp humor and star turning performances by the cast. Joe Pesci is the Brooklyn attorney who comes to a small country town to represent his cousin. Marisa Tomei won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role.

  6. “Philadelphia” – Tom Hanks stars as a gay attorney who is fired from his law firm when they discover he has AIDS. Hanks won an Oscar for his role in this movie but it is Denzel Washington who shines as the attorney who takes on the case against the unlawful termination.

  7. “The Verdict” &ndash Paul Newman stars in this movie as a lawyer who takes on a medical-malpractice case. He is an alcoholic and sees this case as his last chance to turn his life around. Sidney Lumet directs the movie, which went on to receive five Oscars.

  8. “A Few Good Men” – In one of the classic lawyer movies that don’t suck, Tom Cruise plays an attorney who defends two marines being court-martialed despite their insistence they were only following orders. Aaron Sorkin wrote the script and Jack Nicholson delivered one of cinema’s greatest lines when he yelled, ‘you can’t handle the truth.’

  9. “Erin Brockovich”Julia Roberts won her only Oscar for her role as real-life lawyer Erin Brockovich. In the movie, Brockovich takes on a big corporation when she discovers they have been dumping toxic materials. The movie is based on one of the largest class action lawsuits in United States history.

  10. “The Firm” – Tom Cruise makes his second appearance on this list as a lawyer in this adaptation of a John Grisham novel. Cruise is a young attorney who begins working for a powerful law firm. Soon he discovers that the firm might be involved in illegal and unethical when the FBI strong arms him.

                                                                    -By Shawn Lealos