Characterized by outstanding courtroom scenes, powerful stories and fine performances from award-winning actors, these law school movies about love deliver moving drama and heartwarming comedy while depicting the pressures of law school on relationships. Featuring the everyday struggles, disheartening failures and career-defining wins that every ambitious young lawyer must face, these films are among the finest in their genre and launched the careers of Tommy Lee Jones, Marisa Tomei and Bollywood sensation Kajol.

  1. “Rounders” One of the best law school movies about love produced in recent years, this thrilling film about a struggling law student who must keep his relationship from falling apart amid a crippling gambling addiction features impressive performances by Matt Damon, Edward Norton and a stunning young Gretchen Mol. The film is highlighted by John Malkovich’s standout performance as Russian mobster Teddy KGB.

  2. “The Paper Chase” Among the most iconic law school movies about love ever made, this 1973 classic stars Timothy Bottoms as a first-year Harvard law student who falls for his professor’s daughter played by a ravishing young Lindsay Wagner. An excellent early performance by Edward Hermann as fellow law student Thomas Anderson highlights this moving drama.

  3. “The Rainmaker” This 1997 film about a law student who falls for one of his clients while struggling with a high profile case was based on John Grisham’s novel of the same name. The film delivers outstanding performances by Matt Damon, Danny DeVito and a beautiful young Claire Danes as battered housewife Kelly Riker.

  4. “Family Law” This wonderful 2006 Argentine film about a law professor who falls for one of his students while trying to rekindle a relationship with his esteemed lawyer father paints a realistic account of life during and after law school. A moving character study by filmmaker Daniel Burman, “Family Law” features amazing performances by Daniel Hendler and Arturo Goetz as father and son lawyers Ariel and Bernardo Perelman.

  5. “Moksha” One of the best law school movies about love to come out of Bollywood, this beautifully shot 2001 film stars a radiant Manisha Koirala as Ritika, a law student who tries to start a legal project for victims of extreme violence with her boyfriend, fellow law student Vikram. When the two cannot get funding for their project, Vikram decides to rob a bank with disastrous results.

  6. “Conviction” This stirring film about a law student who defends her brother who has been wrongfully convicted of murder was based on the true story of Kenneth Waters. Hilary Swank and Sam Rockwell shine in this 2009 biopic directed by acclaimed actor-director Tony Goldwyn.

  7. “My Cousin Vinny” One of the best and funniest law school movies about love ever made, this 1992 comedy stars Joe Pesci as a failing law student who comes to the defense of his nephew who has been accused of murder. Pesci gives a hilarious performances as smart-talking Vinny Gambini who must maintain his rocky relationship with his girlfriend, played by Marisa Tomei who received an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her portrayal of Mona Lisa Vito.

  8. “Legally Blonde” This 2001 comedy stars Reese Witherspoon as a sorority girl who follows her ex-boyfriend to Harvard Law School where she attempts to earn a law degree in an effort to win him back. A lighthearted romantic comedy, the film delivers excellent comedic performances by Luke Wilson and Selma Blair and even inspired a 2007 Broadway musical.

  9. “Love Story” This 1970 classic was the screen debut of actor Tommy Lee Jones and tells the story of a Harvard law student who struggles with law school after his parents disown him for marrying a working class girl against their wishes. The film features an award-winning performance from a young Ali McGraw, as well as a fine performance by Ryan O’Neil as law student Oliver Barrett.

  10. “Bekhudi” This moving Bollywood romance about a young girl in an arranged marriage who falls in love with her soon-to-be-husband’s law school friend was the screen debut of Bollywood superstar Kajol. The film is one of the best law school movies about love in recent years and features excellent performances by Kajol and her real-life mother Tanuja, and includes a number of stirring courtroom scenes.