If you are looking for an inspiring movie about doing the legal system at its best or worst, check out these law movies from the 90's. From riveting thrillers to emotional dramas to comedies, these movies will inspire, educate, and entertain.

  1. "A Few Good Men"- Demi Moore portrays a tough military lawyer in this 1992 movie that was directed by Rob Reiner. She defends marines that insist that they are innocent, in the face of murder accusations. It's suspenseful to the core. 

  2. "Liar Liar"- You've probably heard tons of lawyer jokes. How about one about a lawyer who cannot lie? That's what happens to 24 hours to a lawyer portrayed by Jim Carrey in this comedic law flick from 1997. After he has let down his little boy, the child makes a birthday wish that makes it impossible to lie.

  3. "A Civil Action"- John Travolta turns in one of the finest performances of his career as Jan Schlichtmann, a man who wants to stand for the right thing and make a difference. When he takes on two big companies that have victimized innocent people, he puts all he has worked for on the line, and he fights for justice.

  4. "The Firm"- Tom Cruise plays a very ambitious, young lawyer who rises to power by joining a renowned law firm. However, it just may be the worst mistake of his life. He discovers a dark side that may change everything in this 1993 thriller. 

  5. "A Time to Kill"- This deep drama from 1996 was based on a John Grisham novel of the same name. Sandra Bullock appears in the movie in one of her earlier roles as an assistant to a lawyer who in fighting for a man's life. The man on trial killed two men after they brutally raped and tortured his ten-year-old daughter. What's right and wrong as well as ethics within the legal system are examined.

  6. "The Pelican Brief"- Julia Roberts, Denzel Washington, and Sam Shepard star in this 1993 suspenseful drama that is also based on a book by John Grisham. In this unforgettable movie, a law student's life is turned upside down when she discovers a dangerous conspiracy.

  7. "Fatal Memories"- Shelley Long starred in this movie from 1992 that's based on a true story of a woman's battle to put away her abuser and the man who killed her childhood playmate. That man is her own father.

  8. "My Cousin Vinny"- Marisa Tomei and Joe Pesci star in this legal comedy from 1992. Two zany New Yorkers find themselves entwined in a legal mess when they wind up in small town Alabama and face an unexpected murder trial.

  9. "Presumed Innocent"- This movie came out in 1990, setting off the decade of law movies in a great way. It stars Harrison Ford as a man who is put in a difficult spot when a woman he was having an affair with is murdered. He soon finds himself looking very guilty.

  10. "Miracle on 34th Street"- This remake from 1994 stars Mara Wilson as a little girl who is a first class skeptic. Raised by her mother to not believe in fairy tales, she nevertheless become taken with Santa. A legal battle ensues around the Santa Claus from her mother's job at Macy's. The movie chronicles a legal battle in which a man tries to prove that he is the real and true Saint Nick.

-Robin Raven