The “Into the Wild” soundtrack song list was written and performed in its entirety by Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder. It’s short and sweet to say the least, with most of the songs clocking in between one and three minutes. Much like “Into the Wild” itself, the soundtrack alternates between uplifting and sorrowful, capturing the bittersweet feeling of the move. Read on for a full song list of this great adventure film’s soundtrack.

  1. “Setting Forth”. As a rule, the opening song of an adventure movie’s song list should incite a good feeling. With its soaring chorus and Vedder’s signature yelp, “Setting Forth” does just that.

  2. “No Ceiling”. Featuring some almost archaic instrumentation, this second song from the “Into the Wild” soundtrack sets a decidedly slower, mellower pace. But at just over one minute, that amble doesn’t last too long.

  3. “Far Behind”. The third song on the soundtrack is classic Eddie Vedder, sounding much like an old Pearl Jam song with less distortion. Nonetheless, the rebellious “grunge” feeling comes across well.

  4. “Rise”. The first ballad on the “Into the Wild” soundtrack, “Rise” features a folk-y sound and a beautiful, passionately played ukulele. By all accounts, it’s one of the strongest songs on the album.

  5. “Long Nights”. Vedder reaches down into a low register for this lonesome sounding song. It’s easy to picture “Into the Wild’s” premise – a kid trekking through North America’s backcountry—when listening.

  6. “Tuolumme”. Lyricless and only a minute long, this song is short and sweet in its purest form. It is a standalone acoustic piece, intricately playing a gorgeous melody and fading out all too fast.

  7. “Hard Sun”. At roughly five minutes long, “Hard Sun” is the most complete song on the “Into the Wild” Soundtrack. It’s one of those epic sounding tracks with a big chorus that you can’t help but love.

  8. “Society”. After the decidedly uplifting “Hard Sun”, “Society” slows the soundtrack’s pace back down with a classic folk melody. It’s simple, heartfelt, and impressively written.

  9. “The Wolf”. This is one of those songs on the “Into the Wild” soundtrack that is placed for thematic purposes only. There are no lyrics, only Vedder’s wordless vocalizations over an eerie progression of organ tones.  

  10. “End of the Road”. If you took a grunge band and made them play pop music, you’d get a song like “End of the Road”. It’s a familiar melody, but performed in a way that makes it unique – and very fitting for a movie like “Into the Wild”.

  11. “Guaranteed”. On the last song of the “Into the Wild” soundtrack, Vedder again delves into folk singer-songwriter style. He does it well, creating a wonderfully finger picked melody and a catchy, yet somber, song structure. 

-Mike Harri