When things are going tough in your personal life, sometimes what you need is a good dose of inspiring ethics movies. Watching people make tough choices in these movies can help you feel better about making those sorts of choices in your own life. If you could use an inspirational boost, check out these ethics movies:

  1. "A Few Good Men" In this inspiring ethics movie, a lawyer who usually relies on plea bargains is forced to honestly argue a case after his clients refuse to plead guilty when they feel they are innocent. The trial exposes conflicts between the standards we feel soldiers should be held to versus what we will tolerate happening behind closed doors because we don't want to deal with the consequences, a dilemma eloquently expressed in Jack Nicholson's famous "You can't handle the truth" speech.

  2. "Serpico" How much of loyalty is based on supporting those in your tribe, and how much is based on doing what is right? In the tense but inspiring ethics movie "Serpico," Al Pacino plays the only honest cop in a completely corrupt precinct. It's widely considered a classic based on Pacino's raw and honest performance.

  3. "Changing Lanes" Do the ends justify the means? Two men get into a car accident and spend the day trying to ruin one another's lives through more and more reprehensible actions, based on a belief that they are blameless because they feel that they are in the right. How far will it go before one realizes that what he is doing is wrong in this uncomfortable but ultimately inspiring ethics movie?

  4. "Rain Man" A selfish man kidnaps his autistic brother in a greedy bid to get his brother's inheritance. However, over the course of this inspiring ethics movie, he comes to value his brother and want a relationship with him. In the end, he allows his brother to go back to the group home where he lived, not because his brother was a burden, but because it was the best place for his brother to live.

  5. "Saved!" How do you decide what's right when what you hear from those in authority just doesn't stand up to scrutiny? A devoutly religious teenager becomes pregnant after trying to cure her boyfriend of homosexuality by having sex with him. When she begins struggling with her new situation, it forces her to reexamine her faith.